Menstrual Cups, survival on purpose: Weekly Product Review

This week’s review is the result of a collaboration between M. Christel [1]known on Instagram as textbook_survival and twitter as txtbksurvival, and myself. To be fair, most of the work was in her camp.

She is a wonderful prepping mother of one, regular camping enthusiast and talented graphic design artist. The review is based on her personal testing, with some input from other anonymous testers included in the pros/cons section.** There are several approaches to feminine hygiene, pads, tampons, crocheted pads, sponges, washable pads, and cups.

The unfortunate reality is that over the course of a year the average female that has not had a hysterectomy or is pre/post menopause will go through several hundred disposable pads or tampons. With less than sanitary conditions that may exist in a survival situation reusing sponges or washable pads may leave something to be desired as they require a relatively large amount of water and obviously using dirty or not entirely clean products may induce Toxic Shock Syndrome. Infections of any kind in a TEOTWAWKI[2] or SHTF[3] could potentially cause death as antibiotics are going to be in short supply.

Regardless, why take the risk when you can utilize a much safer, cleaner approach to a very real situation. I have an 8-year-old daughter and though my wife no longer needs these products, my daughter will soon. Several members of my local tribe also have daughters and females who could benefit from the cost efficiency as well as overall cleanliness and much lower risk of infections occurring by using a menstrual cup.

Three different brands were tested, all were rated for comfort, ease of use, ease of cleaning and cost effectiveness. Most cups have between 5 and 10-year lifespans allowing for an easy storage of 4-5 of both sizes available for a relatively low cost. While I personally do not understand the intricacies involved with fitting and the like, per Melissa, the tested varieties all had easily followed instructions.

And with one exception worked very well even when active. The chosen brand per testing was the V-Cups Menstrual Cups which includes both sizes in the package for 34.99 again given the average shelf life of ten years, the overall cost savings alone allows for a much greater amount of preps with money saved! Not too mention, you can easily stockpile several packages of them as barter and trade items, with the full knowledge that this is something that in a TEOTWAWKI will have a high relative value.

Per Ms. Christel, it is essential to ensure clean hands, clean product and obviously maintaining as clean a person as possible overall as this alone will reduce the possibility of infections. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the use of this approach.


  1. Ease of use, V-CUPs Menstrual Cups, are comfortable and easy to use.
  2. They are hypoallergenic made of medical[4] grade silicone (virtually guarantees no adverse reactions).
  3. Low cost compared to the overall benefit gained.
  4. Reduction of infections and problems.
  5. Health increases – means the ability to contribute increases.


  1. This particular brand is made of silicone, other types exist, not really a con, but something to consider.
  2. Not everyone will be comfortable with this approach, even though it is a purely natural part of female mammals lives, for some reason humans are often put off by this.

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