24 eerily smart rooms and homes


This Slovakian-built, solar- and wind-powered compact mobile home is due to be mass-produced in 2018 and available now for order and preorder[1]. It allows you to live off the grid while enjoying the whiz-bang comforts of an app-controlled smart-home system and sensors[2]. Photo by: Ecocapsule via Facebook

‘High-tech film location’

This Airbnb space in London[3] raises the smart-home stakes with an “automated bath [and] showering system” that gets your water running before you step foot in the bathroom.

Photo by: Fred via Airbnb

Zuck’s house

The Facebook CEO’s personal challenge for 2016 was to build a “simple AI”[4] for his Palo Alto, Calif., home. The result: A Morgan Freeman-voiced[5] system named Jarvis after Iron Man’s AI assistant. It turns on lights, plays music to suit the listener’s taste, allows recognized guests to enter… and fires gray T-shirts from a cannon.

Photo by: Screenshot, video courtesy of Facebook


Photo by: Specht Architects via Instagram

924 Bel Air Rd.

You know a home is extra smart when it boasts[6] “the most advanced home tech system in the world,” including a 40-seat, 4K- and Dolby Atmos-equipped theater. If you’ve been longing for those specs, along with a place to park your helicopter, then you’re in luck: At the time of publishing, this 12-bedroom Bel Air house[7] was on the market for £250 million. Photo by: Hilton & Hyland Real Estate

Any home with a HiCan smart bed

This bed[8] is Wi-Fi-enabled and comes with automated privacy blinds, plus automated and adjustable headrests and footrests.

There’s even an HD projector with a built-in 70-inch screen. Everything from lighting to volume is app-controlled. Photo by: HiCan via Instagram

The Skysphere

Photo by: The Skysphere via Facebook

House F Vienna

This house in the Austrian capital was reportedly commissioned by an IT entrepreneur.

The tech guru presumably appreciated the space-age white decor, the computer-generated wall graphics and the audio components and LED lights that are “activated through a mouse click.[9]Photo by: Najjar & Najjar Architects via Facebook

CNET Smart Home

Photo by: CNET

‘The ‘smartest’ home in Sarasota, Florida?

Security, lighting and audio-visual components are easily and centrally controlled in this “mini estate.” The coolest, smartest thing may be the “invisible” TV in the bathroom that looks like a mirror when it’s not being used. Photo by: The Ackerman Group via YouTube

Proto homes

Photo by: Proto Homes via Instagram

Grant Park Village

Photo by: Grant Park Village via Instagram

The ‘just-cool’ media room

TYM[10], a Salt Lake City-based smart home and home-theater company, tricked out a home’s main media room[11] in Boise, Idaho.

It’s now got a Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 surround system with two in-ceiling subwoofers, Lutron lighting and a Savant Remote. Photo by: TYM Smart Homes & Home Theater via Instagram

HGTV smart home 2017

This 3,300-square-foot, three-bedroom home[12] in Scottsdale, Arizona boasts smart lighting, smart locks and an app-controlled bicycle lift that whisks two cruiser bikes from the floor to the ceiling for storage. Photo by: Scripps Networks Interactive/PRNewsfoto

Dream green house

Photo by: Dream Green House via Facebook

Eco-smart home

Photo by: Liquid Interiors Ltd via Facebook

Smart gym

The lighting, climate and TV stations in this home gym can be determined and set in advance of the user’s arrival via a Savant automated system[13].

Photo by: TYM Smart Homes & Home Theater via Instagram

‘Huge modern smart home’

Photo by: Jenny via Airbnb

Intel smart ‘Tiny House’

Photo by: Intel

Casa Vista Paraiso

Photo by: HRG Properties & Rentals via PR Newswire

‘No-expense-spared renovation’

This London home[14] was reinvented with a touch-screen- and tablet-controlled Crestron system[15] that integrated the space’s lighting, climate, security and audio-visual tech. Photo by: Crestron International via Facebook

Reignwood Hamilton Scotts

This 36-floor luxury apartment building in Singapore features “your own car porch in the sky[16].” Drive your car onto a metal plate in the basement where you’ll enter a code or lend your fingerprint for ID purposes.

Then thrill as an elevator whisks you, wheels and all, to a two-car “sky garage[17]” just outside your living room. Photo by: Reignwood Hamilton Scotts via Facebook

‘State-of-the-art smart home’

Photo by: Crestron International via Facebook

‘Monster Makeover’

The challenge in this mammoth, approximately 21,500-square-foot house on the island of Cyprus was to streamline 25 unconnected home systems. In the end, the number of controls in each room was limited to just two: a touchscreen and a keypad.

The creators boast that there are “no visible thermostats, switches, intercoms and so on[18].”

Photo by: Crestron International via Facebook


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