Accenture buys consulting firms Search Technologies, Brand Learning


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Accenture announced Thursday that it’s acquiring[1] Search Technologies, a Virginia-based firm that offers consulting and implementation services for data and analytics products. Separately, Accenture revealed that it’s also acquiring[2] sales consultancy firm Brand Learning. Financial terms were not disclosed for either deal.

With the Search Technologies purchase, Accenture appears to be focused on beefing up its pool of data scientists and engineers who can provide consulting services for analytics and AI systems. In terms of technology, Search Technologies’ proprietary Content Processing Framework and collection of API-level data connectors will integrate into Accenture’s Insights Platform (AIP). The acquisition of Brand Learning is aimed at bolstering Accenture’s consulting services for marketing, sales and HR teams.

More broadly, Accenture is using acquisitions to support its transformation into an enterprise cloud services provider. In June, Accenture bought[3] LabAnswer, a Texas-based informatics consultancy, and then a few weeks later it scooped up Intrepid[4], a Boston-based mobile design firm. The company has also bought out a handful of smaller technology firms over the last year, including DayNine, Cloud Sherpas[5], New Energy Group, CRMWaypoint[6], Tquila UK, and ClientHouse.



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