Best Buy is selling Amazon devices at a steep discount right now

Best Buy has a one-day sale on Amazon devices[1] today. The sale includes the Kindle Paperwhite[2], super cheap Fire tablets[3], and, yes, Alexa-powered devices like the Echo[4] and Echo Dot[5]. The discounts end just before 10 PM Pacific on Friday.

Top of our list is the Kindle Paperwhite[6], because there’s still all kinds of time left for summer reading. Best Buy has the popular e-reader on sale £90, which is the same price we saw during Prime Day in July. That’s a great price for an e-reader that has a built-in light for night reading, and the highest resolution screen you can get on a Kindle.

If reading isn’t your thing, the 7-inch Fire Tablet[7] with 8GB storage is only £30. That’s not much internal storage, but there’s a microSD slot that supports up to another 256GB. The 7-inch screen’s resolution isn’t much to get excited about, since it’s only 1024-by-600, but, hey, it’s only £30.

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There are also Fire Kids Tablets available for £70 or £90 depending on whether you opt for the 7- or 8-inch.

There’s also an extra £30 discount[9] if you buy two Kids tablets. Finally, the Amazon Echo[10] is available for £90 and the Echo Dot is £35. The Amazon Tap[11] is also on sale for £80, but we’re not fans[12] of that particular device.

Those are all similar to the Prime Day price cuts from last month.

You can also find most of these sale prices at Target[13] today–and those discounts last for two more hours than Best Buy (until 11:59PM Pacific on Friday).

kindle paperwhite micro usb portSeamus Bellamy

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