Governor angrily tweets about local TV station flying drone over his house

Enlarge[1] / Matt Bevin is the governor of Kentucky.reader comments 0[2]Share this story Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has publicly accused a local television executive of “personally” flying a drone over his stately private home in a Louisville suburb on Tuesday morning. Gov. Bevin made this accusation after seemingly accusing other local media of “flying directly over and around my home, filming my children.” The entire incident appears to be related to a local property dispute.

The drone that was just flying over my home & filming my children was personally flown by @WDRBNews Director[3][4]

— Governor Matt Bevin (@GovMattBevin) August 1, 2017[5]

The WDRB executive, Barry Fulmer, wrote in response on Twitter:

.@GovMattBevin WDRB was flying a drone in accordance to the FAA rules to cover news happening at your home. There is NO video of children.[6][7] — Barry Fulmer (@BarryFulmerWDRB) August 1, 2017[8]

When contacted for comment, Fulmer referred Ars to the tweet above, but he did not deny that he personally flew the drone.

The overflight is connected to an ongoing local spat involving whether Gov. Bevin received what the Courier-Journal referred[9] to as a “sweetheart deal” on the purchase of his mansion in Anchorage, Kentucky. On Tuesday, officials from the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration arrived at the Bevin residence to conduct an assessment in attempt to discern the true value of the property.

Reporters who accompanied the county officials were barred[10] from entering, which the governor seemed to approve of.

We have 9 children ages 7-18 and yet @TomLoftus_CJ[11] aka #PeepingTom[12] just came to my home again with three attorneys demanding to be let in… — Governor Matt Bevin (@GovMattBevin) August 1, 2017[13]

WDRB seems to have used the footage[14] in a Tuesday evening broadcast. Kentucky is also the home of William Merideth, the self-styled “Drone Slayer,” a man who shot down a drone that he believed was flying over his own property.

The drone pilot, David Boggs, filed a federal lawsuit against Merideth–but in a decision[15] issued earlier this year, Merideth was ultimately victorious.

Neither Gov.

Bevin nor his spokeswoman responded to Ars’ request for comment.


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