Grand Theft Auto Online Just Had Its Best Quarter Ever

Revenue is way up.

Grand Theft Auto Online[1] just had its best quarter, ever, for parent company Take-Two Interactive. In its quarterly earnings release, Take-Two reported net revenue from digitally-delivered content grew 72% over the same period last year, with GTA Online leading the pack for “recurrent consumer spending.”

Recurrent consumer spending refers to “virtual currency, downloadable add-on content and microtransactions,” but it’s not just GTA Online fans are spending real money on. NBA 2K17[2] also keeps bringing home the bacon for the company, both in recurrent spending and in over-all sales, with 2K17 now holding the title of Take-Two Interactive’s best-selling sports title ever. In prepared statements, CEO Strauss Zelnick teased a new game “from one of 2K’s biggest franchises” to help drive revenue for fiscal year 2019, along with Red Dead Redemption 2. Take-Two’s fiscal year 2019 begins in May 2018.

The huge success of Grand Theft Auto V[3] and Grand Theft Auto Online might be a double-edged sword. As of February, Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 75 million copies[4], but in its financial statement press release, Take-Two said it has “determined that it is necessary to extend the life” of both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online “for the purpose of deferrals.” Rumors began to circulate recently about the inevitable start of Grand Theft Auto 6[5], but the actor whose resume was used as evidence has since denied posting the information, blaming an unauthorized third-party for the phony info.

With Grand Theft Auto V continuing to deliver for Take-Two, the company probably isn’t too concerned about the immediacy of a follow-up.

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