iKey ships Samsung DeX centralized law enforcement mobile solution

One of the more interesting accessories launched with the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus was the Samsung DeX[1] station, with potential to serve businesses in areas where a phone as the computer makes sense. iKey announced it is now shipping a keyboard and display solution[2] designed to help law enforcement and first responders. Combined with the Samsung DeX Station[3] and a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, users can connect the BT-870-TP keyboard and IK-KV-13.3W flat panel display to have a full workstation in a responding vehicle that provides functionality of a desktop. The iKey keyboard is fully sealed and built to IP67 standards with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity to ensure it is always prepared to function when needed.

The BT-870-TP weighs two pounds and is 2.03 inches deep. There is a slimmer option with a depth of 0.85 inches too. Red backlighting on the keyboard helps ensure that night vision of responders is not impaired by the keyboard.

Steven Meyer, CEO of iKey, states:

Dual connectivity is what we hear our customers asking for; they want both USB and Bluetooth for reliability, not just Bluetooth. Device interference is common and dual connectivity will solve that. We help police do their job with no downtime.

While this is one of the first actual business solutions I have seen for Samsung DeX, it seems having stations in hotel rooms, the guest business office of hotels, and in other locations where it is more convenient to have a big screen and keyboard to work with your phone makes sense.

As Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone world and the S8 is offered at huge discounts, there may be more opportunities for DeX in the near future.

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