LG V30 outline leaks out with no sliding secondary display pictured

LG’s next device, the V30, will likely debut later this month, but we already know how it’ll definitely look come launch day. Courtesy of OnLeaks[1], who has a decent track record with leaks, we’ve been treated to a leaked outline of the phone. It reportedly comes from the phone’s user manual.

It’s immediately obvious that the V30 looks a lot like the V20. We can see the dual-camera system and a fingerprint sensor on the rear, as well as a front-facing camera, which seems to be positioned differently, as it’s located in the top bezel. But the one major difference between the past two V-series models and this upcoming one is that LG appears to have ditched the “second screen” for the V30.

Previous leaks of the flagship phone had depicted a sliding secondary display, similar the ones found on the V20 and V10, though we were warned those images were based on old concepts and could change. See Pocket-lint’s V30 guide for more leaks[2]. The V30 should launch a day before IFA 2017 on 31 August. Pocket-lint will be there to bring you the latest as it happens.

For more information on what to expect at IFA this year, check out our round-up here[3].

In addition to my previous #LGV30 leak, just a little extract from its user manual… pic.twitter.com/6UYjBHwv4I[4][5]

— Steve H. (@OnLeaks) July 31, 2017[6]


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