New OnePlus 5 color teased, hopefully not just another shade of black

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Variety is the spice of life, and if the black versions of the OnePlus 5 haven’t attracted you, OnePlus has another color coming soon. You can currently buy a OnePlus 5[1] in any color as long as it’s a shade of black[2]; but a teaser posted to the company’s Weibo[3] social networking profile hints we’re about to get another color option for the OnePlus 5. Here’s hoping it’s not another variation on black.

The post shows the two OnePlus 5 phones in the current colors, alongside a transparent outline of a third phone, with the words, “Who is coming?” above it. Nothing has been shared on OnePlus’s Facebook or Twitter accounts yet, which may mean whatever new color is added may be exclusive to China, or may see a wider release later on. It wouldn’t be the first time OnePlus has produced a limited edition smartphone.

It added a midnight black[4] version of the OnePlus 3T[5] just before it came to the end of its life this year, and at the beginning of 2017, released a limited run soft gold model, too. These limited colors may hint at what OnePlus has planned for the new OnePlus 5. It won’t be midnight black, which is the standard color for the 8GB/128GB version of the phone.

It’s also extremely similar to the slate grey model, the only available color for the 6GB/64GB OnePlus 5. The teaser doesn’t give us any clue if the new color will be restricted to one particular version of the phone either. There’s a possibility OnePlus will go for another shade of gold for the new model.

When the OnePlus 5 passed through TENAA’s hands[6] — that’s the regulatory board in China — it was certified in three colors: a gray, a black, and a mint gold. We have yet to be introduced to the mint gold color, making it possible this is the special version coming soon. Mint gold would be an interesting choice, as its name suggests a combination of green and gold, which would be a color we’ve never seen on a smartphone before.

Huawei released a green version of the Huawei P10[7], a hue that split opinion.

OnePlus hasn’t said when it will reveal the splendid new OnePlus 5 color, but we will keep you updated right here.

In the meantime, get prepared for the new device by reading our complete review of the OnePlus 5[8].


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