Robot exacts revenge on football coach

Baylor University’s football team is no stranger to having robots on the field during practices. The university uses tackling robots to help train players, which has become the norm for many college and professional football teams[1]. But robots aren’t always faster than humans, as Baylor associate athletics director for football operations, Sean Padden, demonstrated by racing the robot down the field.

However while Padden won the race, in the end the robot still knocked him off his feet in an unexpected maneuver. This could be seen as merely a random act, but Padden suggests otherwise in a hilarious post-race interview. “It was man versus machine,” Padden said in a video[2] posted on August 4. “And I think back to Sarah Connor versus the Terminator.

Garry Kasparov versus Big Blue. Ken Jennings versus Watson. John Henry versus that steam engine.

“I did it for humanity,” Padden added. “The machines aren’t gonna fight fair, and we better be ready.”

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