If you’re like me you enjoy a good scare this time of year! Scary movies & Haunted house experiences are fond memories I have when I was a child. When it comes to holiday decorating, window projections are one of the coolest ways to show off your digital decorations.

The reason is simple: they’re incredibly easy to set up and because they’re so eye-catching, they’re always a big hit with neighbors, trick-or-treaters, or anyone else who happens to see them by AtmosFX; the home decorating effects company that pioneers the art of digital decorating. AtmosFX line of themed products combines the digital, theatrical and practical into an experience limited only by your imagination! Quite simply Digital Decorations use your TV, monitor or projector to display spooky images and sounds that can turn any environment into a thrilling, haunting experience.

A window, a doorway, a hall. Anywhere. I received the AtmosFX main kit which included a projector, but they offer digital media for use with your existing equipment.

You can view the wide range of products on thier website.
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Their innovative all-in-one Digital Decorating Kit has been updated for 2017, AtmosFX touts having the “highest-quality standard-definition (SD) projector kit on the market” I can’t say that for sure it’s but it’s a very high quality machine.

Even more impressive however was the ATOMS FX website & customer service! The “Hub” of their unique Digital Decorating kit is the projector. Atmos FX packs everything you need to create stunningly original displays for Halloween, Christmas, and celebrations year round.

You can easily download themes for nearly any holiday or celebration theme from those website and they are super generous with providing codes for new themes you’d like to try. AtmosFX.Com hosts all of its instructional manuals online with comprehensive step by step videos that walk you through the entire process from unboxing, set up, placement and themes. They host videos for every aspect of using their products the videos are informative and full of inspired ideas on how to get the effects you want in the spaces you wish to transform!

I must add that I’ve rarely enjoyed such robust, helpful and courteous online customer service. I ran into a very minor snag setting up, emailed and a representative responded nearly instantaneously with the answer I needed. They really care about the customer experience.

Setting up the AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit is quick and easy. Everything you need to get started is provided, including 14 digital decoration scenes. Display against a window, on a wall, through a doorway or anywhere else your imagination takes.

Projector Kit allows you to project DVDs, videos, and images via front or rear projection, giving your home an eye-catching live action feel! The possibilities are endless!
The Projector Kit includes:
* 1500 Lumens LCD Projector with USB /SD /HDMI /AV inputs, audio output jack, and remote control.
* Thumb drive with multiple FX scenes for Halloween, Christmas, and party fireworks.
* 2 pieces of Screen material. Screens are easily attached to windows for rear projection, or suspended in a doorway or corner for front projection.

This kit also comes with a professional mounting tripod. Atmos FX claims the user interface has been updated to make it more a intuitive. I can attest that this is indeed a very simple layout.

The projector is plug and play right out of the box (2 aaa remote batteries not included) and the set up video makes it simple enough that my ten & eight year olds could manage, with my supervision, to reposition the display and switch themes on the fly. The SD card hosted a variety of Halloween and other holiday themes: Scenes
Halloween Scenes:
* Rise of the Wraiths, from Phantasms
* Dancing Dead, from Bone Chillers
* Beckoning Beauty, from Ghostly Apparitions
* Zombie Swarm, from Zombie Invasion!
* Stalking Startlers, from Night Stalkers
* Howl at the Moon, from Tricks and Treats
* Vampire’s Snack, from Shades of Evil
* Evil Twins 1, from Macabre Manor

Seasonal Scenes:
* All Through the House, Part 1 & 2, from Night Before Christmas
* Deck the Halls, from Santa’s Workshop
* Party Time, from Celebrations Party Time
* Festive Fireworks, from Celebrations Party Time
* Eggstravaganza!, from Hoppy Easter
* My Valentine, from My Valentine * Projector, Professional mounting tripod
* Remote control (2 AAA batteries not included)
* UL power adapter
* Standard Window Projection Material
* Digital Decorations SD Card with 14 pre-loaded scenes You can purchase Digital Download versions of the entire line of AtmosFX Digital Decorations.

For more information, visit the official AtmosFX website AtmosFX Window Projection Material: is made from a woven fabric that provides excellent contrast and light diffusion.

It’s easy to set up, store and reuse. Compared to other solutions, this material has excellent light management, better image reproduction and reduced hot-spotting. You can also create a more uniform surface to project onto, resulting in more realistic and believable digital decorations in your window.

I can attest to that I tried using a white bed sheet and the difference in the quality of the projection makes the price worth while.. care is needed not to stain the material but wiping off smudges with a damp cloth didn’t effect the surface much. Using Atmosfearfx DVDs feature multiple display modes and spooky soundtracks played as loop or triggered manually. Combined with inexpensive practical effects like 16 Awesome DIY Decorating Ideas for Your Halloween Party by Jennifer Jacobson[1] on the AtmosFX blog, you can pull off the ultimate Halloween experience!

3DFX Prop: This display mode is designed to be projected directly onto physical full-body forms. Each 3DFX Prop effect features a life-sized character with realistic arm and hand gestures and expressive facial animations, and makes the object they’re displayed on spring to life.

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Using the handy set up video I had my 3D X Prop up and running! I chose the “LORD OF THE MANOR” and using the enclosed discount code I downloaded the file.

Before you get started, read the Digital Download Instructions. Now you could use something you already own and a white or grey sheet. However the Atmos 3D X Prop is free standing, sturdy, convenient and comes with the discount download code that offse ts the price.

One thing that was a drawback was I couldn’t download directly to my IPhone or IPad. Your download link may be used up to 5 times before it expires. Files MUST be downloaded onto your computer.

This is an Apple restriction but it’s an extra mildly irksome step. After the zip file is downloaded on a computer, your content can be moved onto other devices such as an SD Card or USB Drive. Once I adjusted the distance and turned up the sound it was quite an impressive display!

The projector is marvelous and the production values of all the scenes I demoed were quite impressive. “The Lord of the Manor” was well acted and the “Zombie Invasion” is legitimately terrifying take a look-
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AtmosFX Products Sold at www.atmosfx.com[2] l’ll be posting a follow up after fully decorating incorporating the DIY party ideas and the AtmosFX products in an upcoming All Things Geek!

About AtmosFX AtmosFX is a digital decorating company that helps people customize their homes for holidays and celebrations with fun and entertaining animated characters and stories. From a crafty, yet clumsy witch, to Santa himself, zombies, a winter wonderland, and more, AtmosFX offers a variety of beautifully animated, amusement-park-quality scenes and characters that can be viewed on any TV or monitor, and projected on flat surfaces — even windows.

For more information about AtmosFX, visit www.atmosfx.com

All art AtmosFX


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  2. ^ www.atmosfx.com (www.atmosfx.com)

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