BrandPost: Improve Control with a Data Center Refresh

IT departments face increasing demands from users and the organizations they serve. They must deliver advanced technologies and capabilities, even while IT budgets are shrinking. To meet these demands, they have to become more efficient.

A good place to start in the quest for efficiency is at the IT core. An infrastructure refresh in the data center can deliver the capabilities organizations need to do more with less. By deploying up-to-date hardware, organizations can take immediate advantage of new features that give them greater control of IT operations, improving performance and reliability.

For example, data center orchestration solutions optimize power and cooling, as well as other resources such as servers and storage, by giving IT personnel advanced management capabilities.

Check out our infographic below on how a data center infrastructure refresh can give technology professionals greater control of their IT domain.

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BrandPost: Improve Control with a Data Center RefreshCDW


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