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Avira SafeThings Wi-Fi Router Release Date, Price and Specs

The Avira SafeThings malware or other breaches of your network.

The idea of a security router isn’t new, but there aren’t many of them out right now. F-Secure launched its Sense router last year, which features three layers of security through its router, app and cloud service. D-Link just announced a McAfee-powered router with built-in security at CES. SafeThings is designed to protect everything on your network — even smart devices such as locks, thermostats and lightbulbs, which don’t generally let you install software.

It uses machine learning to profile each device’s behavior and its Avira Protection Cloud can find new threats by checking what’s affecting other routers in Avira’s network.

When it recognizes a potential threat, it will automatically to protect your devices.

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