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What’s new in AWS Lambda: Go and .Net Core support

Amazon Web Services has added Google’s Go language (Golang)[1] to the roster of supported language on its AWS Lamdba serverless computing platform[2]. Also added is support for Microsoft’s .Net Core 2.0 when developing in the C# language.
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What’s new in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017

The second beta of the Version 15.6 update to Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 IDE is now available.
Visual Studio 2017 15.6 beta’s features
Microsoft on January 10 released a second beta of Visual Studio 2017 15.6. Its features include:
Improved solutio…


What’s new in the Erlang VM-based Elixir language

Version 1.6 of Elixir, a dynamic functional language that uses Erlang VM[1], will have improvements for code formatting and compiler diagnostics. The production version should be avaliable in late January.
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React JavaScript library on the rise in NPM registry

Judging by downloads from the NPM registry, React, Facebook’s popular JavaScript UI library[1], has seen good fortunes lately as a front-end JavaScript framework while the Backbone framework has slipped. On the back end, Express dominates.
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What’s new in ECMAScript 2018

ECMAScript, the standard specification underlying JavaScript,[1] is on track for a new release, likely in June.
So far, two proposals have been finalized for inclusion in the ECMAScript 2018 specification. Both are considered as fairly foundational wor…