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Black Clover Episode 2 Review

Taking a journey ten years into the past.
By Alex Osborn[1]
Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

In service of fleshing out its two main characters, “The Boys’ Promise” rewinds time and spends a vast majority of the episode ten year…

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Marvel's Runaways Episode 1 Review

The Parent Deathtrap
By Joshua Yehl[1]
The first episode of Marvel’s Runaways was screened at New York Comic Con. This is a spoiler-free review based on what we saw.
Marvel’s Runaways delivers a promising start with its adolescent, coming-of-ag…


Boruto Episode 27 Review

Boruto and co. channel their in Yu-Gi-Oh.
By Sam Stewart[1]
After last week’s kidnapping it appeared that the conflict between the Leaf and the Mist was ready to come to a head, but this week’s episode decides to take things slow with a minor b…