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The 3DSystems Cube 3D Printer is one of the first 3D printers to make the jump from the office to your home. Y ou can now unleash your creativity with an easy-to-use, entertaining, and useful 3D printer. With the 3D 3DSystems Cube 3D Printer you become the designer. Try a stylizer, adding textures and custom straps to shoes. Or make your next quadcopter from scratch with powerful design software. Cubify gives you thousands of 3D printables at your fingertips. Fashion that is print to fit, hacks for your hobbies, crafts for your home and custom toys for your kids. Hit print to personalize your life. Unleash your creativity The 3DSystems Cube 3D Printer is one of the first 3D Printers meant to be used at home by non-professionals. It’s an affordable and easy-to-use printer. You will enjoy the power of mobile printing thanks to the convenient Cubify app for iOS and Android. Liven things up with more than 20 colors and dual-color jetted mashables. Mix and match dual-color and dual-materials. Cube printing with recyclable ABS and compostable PLA plastic has never been so limitless. You can do much more than you imagine 3D printing at home is fun and is much more useful than you might think. More than reconnecting with your imagination or creative power, it’s a way to create unique gifts for family and friends, to make household utensils and replacement parts or to create occasions for children to bond with parents, siblings and classmates. Cubify gives you thousands of 3D printables at your fingertips. There’s always something new to print. Shop the curated collections for new art, fashion, sports gear and more. Browse the community Design Feed to share and see what others are 3D printing.        Easy-to-use and safe Your Cube 3D printer is ready for printing straight from the box. Get started right away with 25 free designs, browse the Cubify collections, and search Design Feed for more. Each Cube comes with two cartridges of PLA plastic to fuel your dual color designs. 3DSystems has developed a very safe device that can be used by children, it is recommended for children 8+ and meets IEC Home Printer Certification. Smart Cartridges Using the Cube is easy with instant-load cartridges. Instant material loading is now easier than changing an ink cartridge. The new non-clog technology and moisture-lock cartridges ensure extended shelf life and total material usage, improving print quality and sustainability. The printer detects material type automatically based on the cartridge, eliminating the need to change print settings. The cartridges are easy to load and store while preserving the life and quality of the materials. Preloaded filament jets and an auto-leveling print pad for 70 micron high-resolution ensure beautiful, effortless prints every time. Print in two colors The Cube 3D Printer has a very unique and innovative feature. It allows you to in two colors. Color your prints with paintbrush simplicity. Now you can paint custom designs on your prints using the crease angle two color selection feature. This amazing software feature allows you to paint on custom details to enhance your design. Add a face, give it stripes, all with incredible ease. Then print it on your Cube in two colors. Print over WiFi with the Cubify app for Mac OS X and Windows Features Dual jets with a maximum design size of 6in x 6in x 6in / 15.25cm x 15.25cm x 15.25cm Layer thickness: 70 microns, fast mode: 200 microns Includes: Cube3 3D Printer, 2 Cartridges, Power Supply, USB Stick, Power cable, and Cube Glue.