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Adafruit Mini 0.7″ 8×8 LED Matrices with I2C Backpack – Adafruit 1080, The Adafruit White Mini 0.7″ 8×8 LED Matrices take the pain out of using matrix displays by including an I2C backpack to do the constant current driving and multiplexing. Connecting displays like this can be quite expensive in precious GPIO pins, but with the added backpack they only use the 2 x I2C signals plus 2 x power connections. They are great for microcontrollers with limited outputs such as the Adafruit Trinkets which only have 5 x IO pins. They’re also handy for grown up boards like the Raspberry Pi which have better things to do with their time than multiplex LEDs. Applications such as electronic jewellery, animated signs and badges or VU meters suddenly become much simpler. Alternatively, we supply Adafruit 4-digit 7-segment displays which also have I2C backpacks, great for meters, clocks etc.Each board has address selection jumpers allowing you to have 4 x of these displays attached to a single I2C bus. There are I2C commands to write to a pixel and to adjust the brightness. As you would expect Adafruit have also published a free library and a tutorial to get you off to a quick start. Supplied with a 4-way strip of header pins for you to solder on as required for your project. Adafruit 1080 Mini 0.7″ 8×8 LED Matrix with I2C Backpack Ultra Bright White