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Kids Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon are just as tough as the adults version these Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon boots are perfect for fun in the wintery outdoors The ThermoPlus felt inner boot rated to -40 F/-40 C keeps kids feet toasty This inner boot is also completely removable so is easy to dry out for the next adventure should it get wet The hardwearing rubber lower boot with herringbone outsole makes these boots ideal for tough conditions The waterproof nylon upper is flexible for running around in snow and slush The Kids Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon boots boast great aesthetics too The classic buff coloured nylon upper is complemented perfectly with the black rubber lower all set off with red detail and laces The boots are each topped with fleecy cuffs making them super cosy as well as finishing off the style The red drawstring laces are an added bonus to these boots Easy to tighten and secure kids get out and about without hanging around or the risk of dangling shoelaces tripping up their fun