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CES 2018: The final word

When people look back at CES 2018 in five or 10 years, it’ll be the heavy rain, flash flooding and power cuts that’ll stand out more than the tech on display.While 1.33 inches[1] (3.38 cm) of rain may not sound like a lot, it was a record for the deser…

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Best cars of CES 2018: Byton, Toyota, Kia and more

CES has very much become a car show over the past few years. In fact, the entire North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre is dedicated to cars and car technology.
While 2018 wasn’t quite as bumper a show for new metal as 2017 was, the tech was arg…


All the smartphone news from CES 2018 in one place

There weren’t any foldable phones[1] at CES 2018, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t launch until next month, but there was still plenty of smartphone news and accessories to keep us busy all week.While CES is a fantastic springboard for all sorts of weir…