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Amazon announces EC2 price reductions

In its 61st AWS price reduction, Amazon on Wednesday announced[1] price drops for Reserved Instances and M4 instances. “In addition to reducing our prices on a regular and frequent basis, we also give customers options that help them to optimize their use of AWS,” AWS evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post laying out the new changes. “Our customers use multiple strategies to purchase and manage their Reserved Instances. Some prefer to make an upfront payment and earn a bigger discount; some prefer to pay nothing upfront and get a smaller (yet still substantial) discount.”

Adding to those options, AWS is adding three-year No Upfront Standard Reserved Instances for most current generation instance types. The company is also reducing prices for No Upfront Reserved Instances by up to 17 percent, for three-year Convertible Reserved Instances by up to 21 percent and for General Purpose M4 instances by up to 7 percent. Average reductions for No Upfront Reserved Instances for Linux in representative regions:


The latest reduction comes two months after Google Cloud Platform rolled out Committed Use Discounts[2] that were cheaper than AWS Reserved Instances.

Meanwhile, the cloud price wars appear to be moving beyond compute[3] and into storage and databases.


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