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Apple Watch 3 UK release date rumours and news: The biggest rumours about Apple’s next smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 2 was released in 2016, and time is ticking on (hahaha) to the next inevitable iteration of Apple’s flagship wearable. The current rumours point to a reveal of the next Apple Watch Series sometime this year. WWDC 2017 only surfaced some new watch faces, so that makes it likely we’ll see something more substantial in September alongside the launch of the new iPhone.

Ahead of then, we’ve been collecting the latest and greatest rumours. Here’s what you need to know about the next-gen Apple wearable.

Apple Watch 3: Release date

We can expect the Apple Watch 3 to release sometime in the second half of 2017, possibly after or alongside an iPhone reveal. Any earlier is unlikely, since the device will probably be teamed up with the iPhone 8 (X, 10, 7S, or whatever it might be called), if last year’s Series 2 reveal is anything to go on.

That also allows Apple to convince you to give up your hard-earned cash for both its latest devices in one go. This September timeframe has also been suggested by a report in Taiwan’s DigiTimes[1], noting that Apple is reportedly planning to launch its third-generation Apple Watch in 2017.” A later launch is possible, too.

Apple’s Series 1 of the wearable appeared in April 2015, although it was unveiled much earlier.

Apple Watch 3: Specifications

Before the original Apple Watch was released, rumours suggested that, in addition to heart rate and movement monitoring, it would include biometric sensors to track vital stats such as blood sugar levels and more. Instead, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Series 2 shipped without those features, but it looks like they may well appear in the Apple Watch Series 3.

Blood-sugar monitoring

CNBC[2] reports that Apple has hired a small team of about 30 biomedical engineers with the task of developing new Apple Watch tech designed for diabetics. According to CNBC’s sources, Apple is trying to create a system for easily monitoring blood-sugar levels.

Whether it will be ready in time for the Apple Watch 3 is unknown. If Apple does manage to include blood-sugar monitoring technology in the Apple Watch 3, it would undoubtedly appeal to those with diabetes. It would also separate the Apple Watch from being a lifestyle product to more of a legitimate medical device.

Even for Apple, that would be a big step.

Apple Watch 3: Display

BusinessKorea[3] reports that the Apple Watch 3 could include a new micro-LED display, compared to the OLED display of its predecessors. This apparently comes as Apple attempts to diversify its dependency on Samsung and the South Korean market for components. Apple is rumoured to be looking at plenty of options to become more self-sufficient in this area, so it’s possible we’ll see a new display on the Apple Watch 3 from another manufacturer – or even Apple itself.

Apple Watch 3: Design

We’re expecting a thinner, sleeker product with the Apple Watch 3, simply because the current thickness of the Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the main things that stop it being the fashion accessory that Apple wants it to be.

The specs of the Apple Watch should change, too, and most rumours suggest Apple will make the Watch 3 a slimmer device. After owning one myself, I’d say the current thickness of the Apple Watch Series 2 is an issue for many customers, and by reducing the size of the Series 3, Apple will be able to more easily cross over into the mainstream watch market.

Apple Watch 3: Features

A recent report from AppleInsider reveals that a new Apple patent appears to indicate the Apple Watch 3 might allow people the option to use RFID tags to track food nutrition. This new invention would give food providers an ability to embed data in their products so that Apple Watch wearers could then scan and keep track of daily calories.


The inclusion of the sleep timer in iOS 10 gives us hope that Apple is paying attention (or waking up) to sleep-monitoring apps and thus planning to include this feature in the Apple Watch 3 – hopefully, it won’t be at the expense of our phone’s battery life. In May 2017 Apple bought-up sleep-device company Beddit[4], so it could be planning to integrate some of that technology in its own products.

Like the ability to track blood-sugar levels, it’s possible the tech here is still too far-off to feature in this year’s model. Regardless, it’s interesting to see what Apple is working on, although inclusion in this year’s Apple Watch update would mean a significant step forward for the wearable.


A leaked patent for the suspected Apple Watch 3 reveals that it should be able to be charged while you wear it. This AppleInsider article shows the device having a wearable battery module that juices up the device via inductive power transmission.


The Apple Watch Series 2 introduced many more customisation options – such as the ceramic case and sports straps.

Apple’s devices appear to fluctuate between those with lots of personality, such as the iPhone 5c, or the more simplistic MacBook Air, so we can’t say for sure that the Apple Watch 3 will come with a greater number of options than the current range. Nevertheless, given that the Apple Watch is a wearable, we’d be surprised if Apple didn’t at least offer more straps and case materials than the Series 1 and Series 2 put together.

VO2 Max

Prior to the Apple Watch Series 2 release, multiple sources claimed the product would be able to determine VO2 max. If that sounds like the answer to a really complex science question, then in plain English VO2 max is all about oxygen intake.

With this capability, the Apple Watch would be able to measure oxygen consumption, oxygen uptake, peak oxygen uptake and aerobic capacity.

Handy for those with the need or want to measure their health thoroughly.


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