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Burly’s Minnow bike trailer folds flat for easy transport and storage

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Parents who have held back from buying a bike trailer due to storage limitations may be interested in this company’s innovative solution. One of the biggest challenges of owning a bike trailer is that they can often be very difficult to store. Once fully assembled, those trailers[1] can take up a lot of room in a garage or shed, and heaven forbid you try to actually store one inside an apartment.

But the new Burly Minnow[2] is looking to change all of that by incorporating a fold-flat design that promises to make it a breeze to stash just about anywhere. Designed to carry a single child while being towed behind a bike, the Minnow is all about safety. It features a full aluminum roll cage that can help keep passengers safe in the event of an accidental rollover and a five-point harness system to hold them securely in place at all times throughout the ride.

The Minnow also comes equipped with ample storage space, a water-resistant cover, tinted windows, and a hammock-style seat for extra comfort.

But perhaps the feature that parents are most likely to be excited about is the Minnow’s ability to fold flat. The trailer’s 20 inch wheels can be detached with just the push of a button, and the frame collapses down to a fraction of its normal size in a manner of seconds, making it easy to toss into the trunk of a car. And when riders get back home the Minnow occupies much less space in the garage or backyard shed.

It can even be stored under a bed. Apparently, the Minnow has been such a hit that Burly is actually having trouble keeping it in stock. The company’s website says that due to unusually high demand, the trailer isn’t currently available, although interested customers can sign up for email alerts to let them know when it will be back in stock.

Fortunately, the Burly Minnow can be found elsewhere online[3] at the regular retail price of £269.


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