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Apple Watch Series 3's mobile connection saves stranded surfer's life

A kitesurfer from California who got stranded out in the ocean has said he was able to contact the lifeguard and get taken back to shore all thanks to his Apple Watch Series 3[1]. John Zilles was out testing a new hyrdrofoil attached to his kitesurfing board off the Californian coast, an area known to be infested with sharks. After wiping out and with no wind to get his kite back in the air, John drifted further out in the water with no obvious way to get back other than two swim.

Fortunately he has his Apple Watch Series 3 on, which he used to phone his son to tell him of the situation and that he would be home late. He also asked for the lifeguard’s number just in case. After kicking what he thought was a shark, but luckily turned out to be a piece of equipment, John succumbed to the current and phoned the lifeguard for rescue.

The boat was approaching his location just 15 minutes later, but heading in the wrong direction, so John phoned them back again to direct them to where he was. John told Tim Cook of his story, to which he got back a rather short reply saying “Wow, happy you are safe”. Apple introduced cellular connectivity for the first time with the Apple Watch Series 3, giving it its own mobile data plan meaning you don’t need an iPhone nearby to be connected to.

This gives the Series 3 the ability to make calls and stream music from Apple Music all from your wrist, and, in John’s case, the potential to save lives.


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