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Check out Boston Dynamics' latest robot hellhound

Boston Dynamics can apparently only make nightmare-inducing robots. The company, which was once owned by Google but is now owned by SoftBank, makes several bipedal and quadrupedal robots, most of which look creepy (see this one[1] and this one[2] and this one[3] and this one[4]). And the company’s latest technology is no exception.

It has published a YouTube video to show off a more advanced version of its SpotMini robot, which was first announced last summer. SpotMini started out as a dog-like chore robot that could perform some basic tasks autonomously. It had a manipulator arm that looked alot like an elongated giraffe neck.

It could be used to “gently” pick up a glass and put it in the dishwasher, but in reality, it had a little trouble letting the glass go. The new SpotMini appears to be much improved, with more fluid movements and a sleeker look. Although there are yellow plates covering its legs and body, helping it to appear more like a finished product, but it’s still creepy-looking.

Boston Dynamics said SpotMini is “coming soon,” but it’s unclear if that means it’s launching soon, or if more information will be revealed soon.

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