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iPhone X problems

Apple has unveiled the iPhone X, which joins the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus[1] in Apple’s all-new iPhone line-up. We think that Apple’s flagship iPhone is great, as you can see if you read our review of the iPhone X[2], however, there have been a few issues with the new handset. Here, we bring you everything you need to know about the iPhone X problems, including stock shortages, unresponsive screens, Face ID security, buzzing speakers, and a green line.[3][4][5][6][7]

How to say iPhone X

Not a problem as such but if you are referring to an iPhone “ex”, and get a blank look it may be because the person you are speaking to knows that the correct name for the iPhone X is iPhone 10.

In a way reminiscent of the old Mac OS X, the iPhone X is actually pronounced “iPhone ten” (with the X representing the Roman numeral for 10).

That’s because 2017 is 10 years after the very first iPhone launched at Macworld Expo in 2007. So this is a sort of special, celebratory anniversary iPhone. However, we think that more than half of people refer to the iPhone X as the iPhone ‘ex’, so if you do so you are probably in good company.

iPhone X availability

The iPhone X is officially on sale but stocks are limited.

If you are trying to buy Apple’s newest handset we have some advice here: how to get an iPhone X[8], but beware that getting hold of the iPhone X may be a challenge. It’s not clear how long iPhone X stocks will be constrained, but there have been reports that Apple will struggle to meet anticipated demand for the iPhone X ahead of the Christmas and January sales rush.

Reports in the run up to the launch pinpointed the face recognition system as one reason for the delay. That suggestion was that production had been held up because attempts to make Face ID accurate had failed, with Apple eventually lowering its standards.

However, Apple has denied those reports, with a spokesperson saying: “Bloomberg’s claim that Apple has reduced the accuracy spec for Face ID is completely false and we expect Face ID to be the new gold standard for facial authentication.” Read more about the issues with Face ID here[9]. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also expected supply to be constrained, predicting[10] that only two to three million X handsets would be ready in time for the launch, way down on expected demand: as a comparison, the iPhone 6s phones shifted 13 million units in their opening weekend. When asked about shortages[11], Apple CEO Tim Cook replied only that “we’ll see what happens” – not exactly reassuring.

Some sources in the supply chain, however, are more optimistic.

According to Digitimes[12], component yield rates are up, shipments have increased and holiday demand will be met… although it should be added that nobody really knows what demand will be like, given the unusual timing and release strategy for 2017. Hopefully that report is correct and there will be adequate supplies of the iPhone X in the run up to Christmas and the end of 2017.

Make sure that you get the best iPhone deal for your money – we have a roundup of the best iPhone X deals here[13].

Unresponsive screen

Reports of the iPhone X screen becoming unresponsive in cold weather are appearing. A thread[14] on Reddit claims that: “It literally takes 2 seconds from going inside to the cold outdoors and my screen stops being very responsive.”

According to a report[15] on The Loop, Apple has confirmed that it is aware of the issue.

The company said: “We are aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again. This will be addressed in an upcoming software update.”

Face ID hacked

Apple claimed that it had thoroughly tested Face ID and found that it was impossible to fool it with the use of a mask.

However, a Vietnamese security firm is claiming it has bypassed Face ID using a silicone mask, a 3-D printed frame, and 2-D images of the eyes and mouth. The security firm has shared this video of the hack.

[embedded content]

While it’s unlikely that anyone would go to such lengths to hack into your iPhone X, it could be a threat to the privacy of a celebrity, or anyone whos iPhone would be in demand (someone who ran a company or a country, for example).

Speaker buzzing issues

Apparently some iPhone X users are experiencing distortion and buzzing sounds from the iPhone X speaker. iPhone X owners posting on Reddit and Twitter are reporting crackling sounds that can be heard when using the iPhone X speakerphone at high volumes. Although, one Redditor claims that the issue happens even at just 50% volume.

Another poster claims that Apple replaced his iPhone X due to the issue, but that the new unit was also affected by the issue.

The iPhone 8 also suffered from an earpiece cracking issue and this was fixed with a software update.

iPhone X green line

Some iPhone X units are developing a green line on the side of the display. Twitter user mixOmatOsis was one of a number of iPhone X users to experience the issue. He tweeted this photo of the problem to Apple Support:

@AppleSupport my iPhone X already has an issue.There is a green bar along the right hand side of the phone.Restart doesn’t fix.

Known issue? pic.twitter.com/Hp3HKhVMfs[16][17]

— mix0mat0sis (@mix0mat0sis) 7 November 2017[18]

The line tends to run vertically either down the right or left side of the device’s OLED display.


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