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On the horizon: The best new movie trailers released this week

Crafting the perfect movie trailer is hard work. To do so, you must provide enough intrigue to get your audience excited, without revealing too much about the film’s plot points and key moments. Because of the sheer volume of new movie trailers being released in a given week, we’ve taken the liberty of separating the good from the bad for you.

Check out some of this week’s must-see trailers below, whether you’re looking for a quick glimpse at Emily Blunt’s upcoming horror flick or the sequel to one of the best superhero movies of the last decade.

‘Deadpool 2’

[embedded content]

You probably never knew you needed a Bob Ross-esque painting show starring Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds). But, after the latest Deadpool 2[1] trailer, you may feel differently. The recently unveiled teaser — a spoof on Ross’ The Joy of Painting — sees our titular superhero donning Ross’ signature afro, while painting with colors like “clockwork orange” and “red dit” (say that three times fast).

The sarcastic, fourth-wall-breaking humor that made the original Deadpool[2] such a success is present throughout, hopefully a sign of things to come. Add a quick sizzle reel of scenes involving Deadpool inexplicably rising from an open casket, and you have the makings of a killer trailer. June can’t get here soon enough.

Release date: June 1

‘A Quiet Place’

[embedded content]

Silence is not only golden in the trailer for A Quiet Place, it’s key to survival. This is the first movie starring married couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and by the looks of the trailer, it is terrifyingly good. The trailer does a great job of playing with your emotions, lulling you into a false sense of calm with a family enjoying a dinner and conversing via sign language.

Then, with a single sound, serenity is replaced with horrific panic and you are left wondering: What could possibly scare a family into learning sign language in order to stay safe? The trailer reveals just enough to draw you into the Krasinski family’s world, and little more. Release date: April 6

‘The Greatest Showman’

[embedded content]

If the trailer for The Great Showman[3] did anything right, it was showcasing how much of a musical extravaganza this film will be.

It features P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman[4]), the real-life 19th-century showman, singing about what is likely to be “the greatest show on Earth.” The autobiographical musical will also feature the work of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the songwriters responsible for penning the lyrics to La La Land[5][6]‘s many numbers. While the trailer does a fine job conveying the film’s dramatic undertone, which may permeate the otherwise joyous display of circus acrobatics, it’s tough to say how true to life the film will actually be.

Release date: December 20


[embedded content]

If you need to know one thing about the trailer for director Brad Peyton’s Rampage[7], it’s that a 30-foot wolf attacks a helicopter within the first minute. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays Davis Okoye in the film, a renowned primatologist who’s attempting to stop poaching when George, a gorilla he’s taken care of for years, comes in contact with a foreign contaminant. The plot seems pretty thin so far, but what can you expect when your source material is a classic arcade game from the mid-1980s?

Release date: April 20

‘The Mercy’

[embedded content]

Some trailers are a bit more depressing than others — take the trailer for The Mercy[8], for instance. The film is based on the true story of Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth), an amateur sailor who attempted to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe nonstop. The heartbreaking trailer pieces together scenes from the upcoming film, helping to show the immense task Crowhurst faced when he set sail in the late 1960s.

If you’re familiar with the real-life tale — or one of its many stage adaptations — you probably already know how it all pans out, but if not, you’ll have to wait until next year to see it unfold.

Release date: TBA, 2018

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