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Product review: Khadi Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body Wash

I have always envied those who could sleep like a log because I am a light sleeper. It doesn’t take a foghorn to rouse me out of my sleep; just the sweet chirping of the birds outside my window would do. Sleep deprivation has been my number one enemy, especially after a hard day’s work when you just want to hit the bed.

So I have tried a lot of home remedies from nutmeg[1] to warm milk, with varying degrees of success. The latest among my experiments is Khadi Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body Wash. Why body wash right?

There were two reasons why I bought this body wash. First, it has lavender[2], the world’s favourite sleep-inducing scent. The second was ylang ylang, a mood-boosting, anti-depressive and sedative herb.

If a warm bath before bedtime with lavender and ylang ylang body wash couldn’t put me to sleep, no force in the world can. I was also curious by some of its additional claims. It says on the bottle that it helps in relaxing tight muscles, lessening aches, reducing inflammation and purifying and healing skin.

The packaging In keeping with Khadi’s understated style, the body wash is packaged neatly in a no-nonsense, transparent plastic bottle with a single non-descript sticker on it. No additional bells and whistles.

The body wash is in an eye-pleasing shade of light, translucent lavender. The ingredients Dubiously, the ingredient list doesn’t mention anything apart from lavender and ylang ylang oil, aloe vera and vitamin E.

Apart from the active ingredients, there is no mention of what went into the making of the base. But on the site, it does say that it is SLS and paraben[3] free. Anything that claims to be paraben free is a big WIN in my book!

The price For a 210 bottle, the cost is Rs 135. The review

I’ll be honest. It does nothing to calm your aches and pains, but boy does it smell good! The unique combination of lavender and ylang ylang fragrance is very refreshing.

And I don’t know whether it is the warm bath or fragrance combination, but it did help me relax before sleep.

The verdict

Buy it just for the amazing fragrance.

Published: November 13, 2017 4:39 pm


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