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Best smart home devices of CES 2018: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant everywhere

Along with a wealth of new televisions[1], laptops[2] and other tech, CES[3] is increasingly packed with connected devices for the home[4]. This year it’s all about Amazon Alexa[5] and Google Assistant[6] with a multitude of new devices including the voice assistants. We’re seeing more and more integration of these voice assistants, but also a wide range of new products with smart home capabilities all aimed at improving our lives.

We’ve walked the show floors of CES to bring you the most interesting smart home[7] devices we could find.

LGBest Of Ces 2018 - Smart Home Devices Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Everywhere image 3

LG InstaView ThinQ fridge

LG has used CES to reveal a number of smart home products that include smart kitchen appliances as part of the company’s new ThinQ[8] range. This range includes a new fridge which uses artificial intelligence to suggest recipes based on the items you have stored on its shelves. It also features Alexa capabilities[9] which gives you full voice control of your kitchen appliances including the ability to order more food, ingredients or supplies with just a few easy commands.

WhirlpoolBest Of Ces 2018 - Smart Home Devices Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Everywhere image 4

Whirlpool kitchen appliances

Whirlpool has announced a number of new smart home products including various kitchen appliances that offer everything from voice command capabilities to smartphone control and pairing with other smart home products you might already own.

These partnerships include pairing with Honeywell[10] and Nest[11] devices, integration of Google Assistant[12] and Amazon Alexa[13], smartphone alerts and Apple Watch[14] notifications as well as Virtual Amazon Dash buttons[15]. The result of all this is you’ll be able to remotely control all your appliances. Whether that’s running a washing cycle while you’re out of the house, getting notifications when the dryer has finished via your smartphone/watch or quickly and easily ordering fresh supplies straight from your fridge with your voice.

Whirlpool’s new Scan-to-Cook technology will also be pairing up with recipe app Yummly[16]. This will allow your devices to offer a superior culinary experience by using image recognition technology to identify ingredients within the fridge and generate suggested recipes based on your preferences. Cooking instructions for that meal can then be beamed right to the microwave.

SamsungBest Of Ces 2018 - Smart Home Devices Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Everywhere image 5

Samsung Family Hub smart fridge

At this year’s CES, Samsung[17] has unveiled the updated version of its Family Hub refrigerator range for 2018.

As with previous models[18], the new fridge features a large touchscreen, access to a multitude of apps, music streaming and a built-in AKG speaker system. The new and improved Family Hub also includes support for Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem meaning it will work with other smart home devices too. This means you’ll be able to answer your Ring doorbell[19], adjust your smart thermostat or tweak your smart lighting all from your fridge.

Samsung has also added Bixby this time around so you’ll have access to voice control through that system too, as well as smartphone controlled shopping lists and more.

Pocket-lintBest of CES 2018 - Smart home devices Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant everywhere image 2

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display[20] is the first Google Assistant[21] device to directly take on the Amazon Echo Show[22] and was among the products announced by Lenovo[23] at CES this year. The Lenovo Smart Display is essentially a Google Hub and the centre of your smart home – you can use it to play tunes, make calls, get directions, play Youtube videos and much more. Lenovo is not the only company to unveil such a device at CES 2018, but this is certainly an interesting start.

JBLBest Of Ces 2018 - Smart Home Devices Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Everywhere image 6

JBL Link View speaker

JBL[24] has taken to CES to reveal a new addition to its family of Link connected speakers[25] in the form of the Link View.

This new device is an Amazon Echo Show[26] alternative that features Google Assistant[27] integration and a large, 8-inch HD touchscreen display. The specs of this device also include 5-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, IPX4 splash proofing[28] and stereo 10W speakers. Theoretically a fantastic addition to your smart home devices that will sit nicely in the kitchen.

RingBest Of Ces 2018 - Smart Home Devices Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Everywhere image 7

Ring Stick Up Cam security cameras and Beams lighting

Ring[29] is at CES 2018 with a number of updated security products including two new Stick Up Cam security cameras and outdoor security lighting devices.

New and improved motion sensor technology and battery-powered options are the highlights here – offering a flexibility to your home security setup with 1080p Full HD video capture.

Plenty of interesting smart home tech has been announced so far and we’ll be getting our hands on this tech to bring you reviews in the coming weeks.


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