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Everything we know about Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ movie so far

The rapid expansion of Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe[1] isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, with the much-anticipated solo feature Black Panther hitting theaters February 6, 2018. The latest update on the film confirms that certain scenes were shot specifically for IMAX theaters, offering a unique experience for fans of the large-screen format. Directed by Creed filmmaker Ryan Coogler[2] from a script penned by Coogler and Joe Robert Cole (American Crime Story: The People v.

O.J. Simpson), Black Panther stars 42 actor Chadwick Boseman as the titular king and costumed protector[3] of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. The film has T’Challa (Boseman) returning home to Wakanda after the events of Captain America: Civil War[4] to take his place on the powerful nation’s throne, only to encounter trouble from competing factions challenging his rule, and a dangerous enemy from his past.

The big picture

There will be more of Black Panther’s adventures to see on IMAX screens when the film hits theaters, according to the large-screen cinema company. In an announcement made in early January 2017, IMAX confirmed that some scenes in the film were shot specifically for the large-screen format.

Those scenes will appear in the expanded 1:9:1 IMAX aspect ratio, for an increase of 26 percent more image on the screen. The announcement was accompanied by a brief teaser video posted on Twitter[5] that offers an example of how much more of the action you’ll see in the IMAX-specific scenes.

Fit for royalty. #BlackPanther is specially formatted to show up to 26% more image in IMAX! Get tickets now: https://t.co/mRfXi9eDGv pic.twitter.com/SVLP62oorg[6][7][8]

— IMAX (@IMAX) January 8, 2018[9]

Music to rule by

The adventures of the king of Wakanda demand a fitting soundtrack, and Marvel is clearly making the music of Black Panther a high priority. In an announcement made in early January 2018, Disney and Marvel revealed that Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith will co-produce Black Panther: The Album. The album will feature music from the film and inspired by it, including the lead single from the movie, All the Stars, which features Lamar and label-mate SZA.

[embedded content]

The album will be Lamar’s first major collaboration with a movie project, and will make Black Panther the first Marvel Studios movie to have an album of original tracks created specifically for the film.

There’s no word on when the album will hit shelves or who else Lamar might bring in for the project, but Black Panther: The Album is currently available for pre-order[10].

More to see

A Japanese trailer for the film found its way online in December 2017, and it showcases some of the cool tech employed by Black Panther, the nation of Wakanda, and the enemies both will face in the film. The trailer was posted on Twitter[11] and features Japanese subtitles over an English-language preview of the film.

#????????[12] ????????…!? ???????????????????????????

??????????!????????!?????????????????????!! https://t.co/cohLlcVGkz #???? pic.twitter.com/cAghnCZGOu[13][14][15] — ?????????[??] (@AVG_JP) December 11, 2017[16]

New and familiar faces

Boseman reprises his role from Civil War in Black Panther along with Florence Kasumba (Wonder Woman) as Ayo, a member of the Wakandan special forces unit known as the Dora Milaje, and Martin Freeman (Sherlock) as Everett K. Ross, the deputy task force commander of the Joint Counterterrorism Center.

Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) also reprises his role from Avengers: Age of Ultron as the weapons dealer Ulysses Klaue. New additions to Marvel’s cinematic universe making their debut in Black Panther include Michael B. Jordan (Creed) as Erik Killmonger (one of the film’s main villains[17]), Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o[18] (12 Years a Slave) as Dora Milaje member Nakia, Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead) as Dora Milaje leader Okoye, Angela Bassett (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) as T’Challa’s mother, Sterling K.

Brown (This Is Us) as N’Jobu, and Forest Whitaker (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story[19]) as Wakandan statesman Zuri.

The first, full-length trailer

After months of relatively few updates on the film, Black Panther finally got its first full-length trailer[20] on October 16, 2017. Not only does the preview offer more footage of Boseman in action as Black Panther, it also puts a spotlight on many of the female soldiers of the Dora Milaje, who are expected to play a key role in the film’s story and the advanced Wakandan society introduced in the movie. The trailer also features more footage of the film’s primary villains: Serkis’ Klaue and Jordan’s Killmonger, who appear to have very different reasons for wanting an end to T’Challa’s reign.

Possibly most interesting, however, is the reveal of a suit worn by Killmonger that appears to be similar to T’Challa’s own Black Panther uniform. Much like the first Iron Man movie and the more recent Ant-Man, Black Panther could be setting up a climactic battle between hero and villain in high-tech suits.

They’re all here

The second poster released by Marvel for Black Panther is also the first to feature the full cast. Boseman posted the first peek at the promotional image for the film on Twitter[21] shortly after the full-length trailer’s debut.

Bringing a brand new #BlackPanther poster to you 1st!

We hit theaters Feb 16, but you can check out the new trailer from @marvelstudios NOW. pic.twitter.com/KFbA9A9cG8[22][23][24] — Chadwick Boseman (@chadwickboseman) October 16, 2017[25]

First teaser, first poster, first look

Marvel got an early start on promoting its 2018 releases by unveiling the first poster for Black Panther and a gritty teaser trailer in June 2017.

[embedded content]

The teaser begins with Martin Freeman’s character Everett Ross sitting in front of a very untidy Andy Serkis as the smuggler Ulysses Klaue, who’s tied to a chair in a makeshift interrogation room. “Tell me something,” Klaue says. “What do you know about Wakanda?” He then begins to hint at the powerful country’s secrets, revealing that it is in actuality the mythical place that inspired the legend of El Dorado. “I’m the only one who’s seen it,” he continues, “and made it out alive.”

The quick glimpses of the film reveal another welcome change of scenery for the Marvel franchise. Stepping into the role of Wakanda’s new king, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) dons his royal garb to rule the powerful nation, as well as the uniform of the mysterious Black Panther, while the camera cuts to colorful jungle scenes, futuristic cityscapes, and a wild car chase. The poster (below) reveals Boseman seated on his kingdom’s throne, giving the world a closer look at his Black Panther costume.

Three’s a crowd?

As if taking on Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger wasn’t enough of a challenge for the film’s titular hero, it appears a third villain will be featured in Black Panther.

Everything we know about Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ movie so farIn September 2016, Variety[26] reported that Person of Interest and Major Crimes actor Winston Duke was cast in the role[27] of M’Baku, aka the villain known as “Man-Ape.” In Marvel Comics lore, M’Baku is a powerful Wakandan warrior who believes himself more deserving of the nation’s throne, so he forms an army known as the White Gorilla Cult in order to bring down T’Challa.

Roll cameras

Cameras officially began rolling on Black Panther near the end of January 2017.

Filmed under the working title of Motherland, the movie was shot in Georgia’s Pinewood Atlanta Studios, with the Atlanta City Hall serving as the United Nations building in the movie. Additional filming took place in South Korea, primarily in the city of Busan. Principle production on Black Panther ended on April 19, 2017.

Update: We’ve added information about IMAX-specific filming for the movie.

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