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Facebook's Content Moderation is Under Fire in Undercover Report

Is Facebook doing enough to remove bad content from the site? Not according to an undercover investigation in the UK. A new documentary that aired on UK’s Channel 4 is claiming that Facebook moderators are often told to water down their efforts when it comes to removing objectionable content.

That’s opened the door for hate speech, violent videos and Facebook pages from far-right groups to persist over the social networking site, even as the content can violate company policies. “If you start censoring too much then people lose interest in the platform…. It’s all about making money at the end of the day,” an unnamed Facebook moderator allegedly told the filmmakers.

Before the documentary even aired on Tuesday, Facebook issued a statement, admitting it had made mistakes with the company’s content moderation efforts. “We take these mistakes incredibly seriously and are grateful to the journalists who brought them to our attention,” Facebook vice president Monika Bickert wrote in an official post. A company executive was also interviewed on Channel 4, acknowledging the problems.

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Although Channel 4 hasn’t uploaded the full documentary online yet, in a press release, the UK broadcaster said that the filmmakers enlisted an undercover reporter to work as a Facebook content moderator in a Dublin office managed by a third-party outsourcing firm called CPL Resources. According to the documentary, Facebook content moderators are trained to ignore some forms of hate speech on the site.

Channel 4 uploaded an example of a racist internet meme that moderators were told to permit.

Dispatches reveals the racist meme that Facebook moderators used as an example of acceptable content to leave on their platform. Facebook have removed the content since Channel 4’s revelations.
Warning: distressing content. pic.twitter.com/riVka6LcPS

— Channel 4 Dispatches (@C4Dispatches) July 17, 2018

At one point, the undercover reporter was also told to refrain from deleting a video showing a man punching a toddler, and instead simply mark it as disturbing. The documentary also claims that Facebook’s most popular pages cannot be deleted by an ordinary content moderator.

Instead, the pages must go through a special content moderation process, which tends to leave the pages intact, no matter what objectionable content they’ve posted. “A moderator tells the undercover reporter that the far-right group Britain First’s pages were left up despite repeatedly featuring content that breached Facebook’s guidelines because, ‘they have a lot of followers so they’re generating a lot of revenue for Facebook,'” Channel 4 said. Facebook said it doesn’t agree with all the claims in the documentary, but added: “We have been investigating exactly what happened so we can prevent these issues from happening again.

For example, we immediately required all trainers in Dublin to do a re-training session –and are preparing to do the same globally.” (Facebook also banned the Britain First page in March.) It isn’t the first time watchdog groups have noticed bad content circularing over Facebook, despite the company’s efforts to clean the site up. On the flip side, other groups like Republicans have been accusing the platform of over-censoring content from conservative-leaning voices and media groups. In its defense, Facebook said its doubling the number of employees devoted to “safety and security” to 20,000 this year.

It’s also tapping artificial intelligence to help it remove bad content more quickly. On Tuesday, Facebok added: “It has been suggested that turning a blind eye to bad content is in our commercial interests. This is not true…

If our services aren’t safe, people won’t share and over time would stop using them.

Nor do advertisers want their brands associated with disturbing or problematic content.”

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