Best gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox: The very best headsets for console gamers in 2018

Choosing the right gaming headset for your console can be hard: is a wireless headset worth the extra investment, or should you stick to a wired set? Are noise-cancelling mics just a marketing term or do they serve a purpose? There are numerous questions you could ask yourself, but we’re here to help.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive buying guide and a set of hand-picked headsets that we’d recommend, no matter how much you’ve got to spend. READ NEXT: Best PC gaming headset – our pick of the best

How to choose the best gaming headset:

Wired vs wireless headsets

This one really comes down to your personal preference and your budget. Most wireless headsets cost a premium as the technology costs more to manufacture.

The benefit of having a wireless headset is that you can sit on your sofa, without having to worry about being plugged into your headset or console. It’s worth remembering, though, that if you’re using a DualShock 4 or one of the newer Xbox One controllers, these have a headset socket in the controller, so you don’t need cables stretching across the room. The advantage of a wireless headset is that it gives you complete freedom to move around along with – in some cases – 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

The big downside is that a wireless headset needs to be recharged – be it through the built-in lithium-ion battery or via swappable rechargeable batteries. As for wired headsets, there are advantages over their wireless counterparts. These generally give you clearer audio quality, though, the difference nowadays is minimal.

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Is it worth investing in 5.1 or 7.1 headsets?

Gaming headsets offer a virtual surround sound mode that can be toggled on or off – it’s present in those that have the 5.1, 7.1 or the Dolby logo slapped on it. As for the benefits, they’re dubious. Often, we find headsets with virtual surround sound crush the sound quality or make it less accurate for positional cues (such as footsteps).

In fact, for many competitive games, we find ourselves turning the feature off. Still, it’s at your disposal if you choose to use it.

If I spend more money on a headset, will I have a better experience?

Generally speaking, the more you pay for a gaming headset, the more features you’ll get. Of course, there are some brands that charge a premium for having their name on their products; though, sometimes it’s for good reason.

Sound and recording quality and comfort are important traits to all, so if you seek out the most comfortable, best sounding headset, with the most features packed in (such as wireless technology or Bluetooth), then expect to pay more for it. That’s not to say a cheaper set is bad – far from it, as some offer exceptional value for money. But as with anything, setting yourself a budget is important.

Once you’ve set your maximum price, go about by finding the best headset you can get for what you’re willing to pay; we’re sure you’ll find one in our top picks, below. READ NEXT: Best gaming keyboard – our pick of the best

Does driver size matter?

There are headsets with all sorts of different characteristics, but often you’ll overlook the driver size; the size of the tiny speaker or electronic element that generates the sound. Size doesn’t always matter, but as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the diameter of the driver, the more space it’ll have to reproduce sound.

Therefore, you’ll most likely get a better sound quality from a bigger driver or have a wider soundstage; that all makes a difference when you’re gaming.

Is a noise-cancelling microphone needed?

Noise-cancelling microphones aren’t a must-have, but if you play in a noisy environment or have housemates or siblings, you’ll find that having a mic that only captures your voice and not others, will result in a better experience for those who are listening to you in-game, and potentially less toe-curling embarrassment for you.

Should I buy an officially licenced headset for my Xbox One or PS4?

Ultimately, licensed headsets only provide a few extra functionalities. Examples include a bundled adapter for plugging into one of the first-generation Xbox One controllers or in-game sound optimisations. We wouldn’t recommend seeking a licensed product, but it can help in the grand scheme of things.

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Best gaming headsets for PS4 and Xbox in 2018

Turtle Beach Elite Pro: The best console gaming headset for budding professionals

Price when reviewed: GBP260 – Buy now from Amazon
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you’re looking to get into the pro scene, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is the way forward. It’s by far the most expensive headset we’ve come across, but the entire package is well worth considering if you want the very best around. The gaming headset itself has superb sound quality – those 50mm drivers deliver crystal-clear audio.

When coupled with the Tactical Audio Controller (TAC), you’ll get even more accurate highs and heart-pounding bass, too. With the addition of DTS 7.1 surround-sound, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro really shines. That’s not the only thing the additional extra does, as it also reduces background noise and provides you with mic-monitoring capabilities.

As for the recording quality, the additional noise-cancelling mic means you get clean recording quality. As for comfort, the headset is extremely comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. Made for pros, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is perfect for those long gaming sessions.

Key specs – Driver size: 50mm; Connection: USB, optical in; Surround sound: DTS Headphone:X 7.1; Noise cancelling mic: Yes; Amp/Remote: Tactical Audio Controller

SteelSeries Siberia 840: The best wireless gaming headset for consoles

Price when reviewed: GBP210 – Buy now from Amazon Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile

Best gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox: The very best headsets for console gamers in 2018

If you’re looking for the best wireless gaming headset on the market, the SteelSeries Siberia 800 is our pick of the bunch. The Siberia 840 replaces the Siberia 800 by adding a few software customisations and Bluetooth.

Originally, there was around GBP55 difference between the two, but that gap has now reduced, so it’s worth investing in the newer, greater Siberia 840 over the older 800. No matter which one you choose, the headsets connect through a digital receiver that doubles up as a battery charger. Neat.

Here, you can also customise the sound of the headset and change inputs. As for the sound quality – it’s up there with the very best. Bass response is impressive, the treble energy keeps you on your toes and the overall soundstage is wide, too.

Key specs – Driver size: 50mm; Connection: 2.4GHz/Bluetooth (headset), 3.5mm, optical, USB (receiver); Surround sound: Dolby 7.1; Noise cancelling mic: Yes; Amp/Remote: Digital receiver

Astro A40TR: The best console headset for competitive gamers

Price when reviewed: GBP200 – Buy now from Amazon
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Best gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox: The very best headsets for console gamers in 2018

Astro offers two separate variants of the A40TR – a white one that’s compatible with PC and Xbox One, while the black one is made for PS4 and PC, only. Despite not being as versatile as the Siberia 840/800, the A40TR is among the best sounding headset for console gamers. Its open-back design means it has an incredibly wide soundstage, which is excellent for listening to footsteps or even enjoying the scenery in those open-world games.

It’s comfortable, too – the soft leather cushioned pads make it comfortable for hours of gaming, and its detachable noise-cancelling mic prolongs the life of the headset. As for the MixAmp Pro, it simply isn’t as versatile as the SteelSeries or Turtle Beach equivalents, but it provides excellent, noise-free sound quality. Note, if you want the wireless variant of the A40TR, you’ll have to get the A50 instead.

Key specs – Driver size: 50mm; Connection: 3.5mm, optical, USB; Surround sound: Dolby 7.1; Noise cancelling mic: Yes; Amp/Remote: MixAmp Pro

PlayStation Platinum: The best headset for PS4 gamers

Price when reviewed: GBP130 – Buy now from Amazon
Platforms: PS4

Best gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox: The very best headsets for console gamers in 2018

Specifically designed by Sony, the manufacturer of the PS4, the PlayStation Platinum headset is impressive. Its 50mm drivers punch well above their price suggests – it has a strong bass, beautifully presented mids and highs and a great soundstage; everything you’d want from a top-end headset. If that wasn’t enough, Sony has implemented the use of developer-built equalisation profiles, 3D audio and total wireless play.

This means you won’t have to connect the headset to another device, as would be the case with other headsets. That’s no cables, whatsoever, just a direct connection to the PS4. This all makes it an excellent choice for PS4 gamers.

Read our full review for more details Key specs – Driver size: 50mm; Connection: 3.5mm, USB; Surround sound: Dolby 7.1; Noise cancelling mic: Yes; Amp/Remote: N/A

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Console Edition: The best console headset under GBP100

Price when reviewed: GBP60 – Buy now from Amazon
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, mobile

Best gaming headset for PS4 and Xbox: The very best headsets for console gamers in 2018

SteelSeries offers three variants of the Arctis 3: console, Bluetooth and the regular variant. You can compare them on the company’s website. For around GBP60, the Arctis 3 Console Edition offers the best bang-for-buck out of the three.

It has the same boombastic sound and recording qualities as the other two, but falls short in its inability to support 7.1 surround sound and has limited connectivity options, as it’s terminated by a single 4-pole 3.5mm jack. The Arctis 3 range are comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions; so you won’t have to worry about taking them off. The Console Edition might not sound as good as its bigger sibling, the Siberia 840, or offer fancy wireless features, but if you’re looking for something relatively cheap, this should be your go-to headset.

Key specs – Driver size: 40mm; Connection: 3.5mm, USB; Surround sound: No; Noise cancelling mic: Yes; Amp/Remote: N/A

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