AC Odyssey Horse Skins Guide

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you may not be able to purchase cosmetic outfits for your main character, but you can still purchase equippable skins for your horse, Phobos. When you first meet your horse, you’ll be able to choose between three variants – white, brown, and black. Whichever you choose, the others and more skins will appear at Blacksmiths all across Greece.

It’s important to note that the skins available to buy are random every time you enter town to talk to the Blacksmith, so if you don’t see the one you want, keep fast traveling to other towns until you find one to your liking.

You can also use Helix Credits in the in-game store to purchase other skins not found in the game to dramatically change how Phobos looks – but Helix Credits are only earned from certain achievements or otherwise bought with real money.

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Name Rarity Base Cost
Pale Horse Rare 2,500

Brown Horse Rare 2,500

Egyptian Horse Rare 2,500

Racing Horse Rare 2,500

Traveler’s Horse Rare 2,500

Fangs Epic 8,000

Unicorn Epic 8,000

Abraxas (Fire horse with skull head) Epic Defeat Exekias the Legend, a Lv.

50 Cultist

We don’t have an image of Abraxas just yet, but it looks something like this.

These skins can only be obtained through the store using Helix credits, or by spending Ubisoft points.

Name Rarity Cost
Black Unicorn Legendary 500 Helix (or GameStop Pre-order)

Pegasos Legendary 750 Helix

Spartan Renegade Legendary 500 Helix

Hourglass Epic 300 Helix (Included in the Deluxe Digital Pack)

Mycenaean Steed Rare 20 Ubisoft Club Points

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