Black Ops 4 Zombies: IX Walkthrough

This page contains the complete Easter Egg walkthrough for IX, one of the four Zombies Maps that are available at launch in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. After days of searching, the community has finally cracked the Easter Egg for IX, and boy does it have a rather shocking ending. In typical Zombies fashion, the IX Easter Egg is no walk in the park and is definitely quite time-consuming to achieve.

With the main challenges coming in the form of obtaining the Death of Orion and simply just slaying a whole bunch of challenging zombies, it is definitely going to take a few tries to complete this Easter Egg. Thankfully though, with the help of the dedicated Call of Duty Zombies community on Reddit, we have managed to compile a complete walkthrough for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 IX Zombies Easter Egg below.

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It’s important to note that before you start completing the IX Easter Egg, it is highly recommended that you complete the Easter Egg in the following order, as it will save you a bunch of running around in the future. Before you begin undertaking any major tasks, the first thing you are going to want to do is complete three challenges.

In order to do so, simply run to the rolled-up banners that are located around outer fence of the starting area. Knife the ropes holding them up and you’ll receive a challenge that will appear on the left side of your HUD. Once the three challenges have been completed, head to the center of the podium where a bowl will have spawned.

You will need this bowl for a later part of the Easter Egg. Should you have completed the challenges and picked up the bowl, you will also be rewarded with a Z-Harmony Pack-a-Punch pistol.


Your next task will be to complete the Pack-a-Punch for IX, while I won’t detail the exact specifics to do so, you can check out our complete IX Pack-a-Punch walkthrough here. It is worth noting that you will need to re-pack your weapons until you receive Firebomb, as it is essential to completing the Easter Egg.

Be aware though, that building positive affinity while killing the champions during to activate Pack-a-Pack is crucial, as it can really save you a lot of time and effort. Affinity is represented via the green glowing thumbs up icon that is located above your characters health bar in the bottom left of your HUD. It is highly recommended that you maintain your positive affinity throughout the game, as it will play a big part in multiple sections of the Easter Egg.

You can gain affinity by killing champions, not receiving hit damage, getting kills with your special weapons, traps, refusing to collect the rewards after completing challenges by meleeing them, and even providing revives. Negative affinity is represented by a red glowing thumbs down, which can be achieved by throwing grenades into the crowds and getting hit by the fire within the spawn room.

EditBuilding The Death of Orion

In order to construct the Death of Orion, you are going to want to first build the Acid Trap, in which you’ll need to obtain three different parts. The location of these three items will never change, so you can find the Chains, Gear, and Pot at the following locations.

  • Chains: The Chains can be found in the underground Temple.

    Simply look under the balconies in the corner and you will see the chains hanging on the wall next to some barrels of weapons.

  • Gear: The Gear can also be found in the Temple. Thanks to its size, the Gear is pretty hard to miss and can be found leaning against a corner, just below a skeleton in a cage.
  • Pot: If you had followed the first step in the guide, you will have already obtained the pot. However, should you have skipped over that part, I will list it once again.

To obtain the pot, you are going to want to complete three challenges.

In order to do so, simply run to the rolled-up banners that are located around outer fence of the starting area. Knife the ropes holding them up and you’ll receive a challenge that will appear on the left side of your HUD. Once the three challenges have been completed, head to the center of the podium where a bowl will have spawned.

You will need this bowl for a later part of the Easter Egg.

EditObtaining The Statue Head

Next, you are going to need to obtain the Statue Head, which can be done by traveling to the Danu-Ra Temple Entrance. In order to enter the temple, you must shoot the Brazier that is blocking the passage with the metal law fencing. With the Brazier now fallen over, travel up and onto the Bridge that connects with the Danu Tower and the Ra Tower.

Simply look at the ground and you will notice that a burning pointer is aiming directly towards the tower in which the Statue Head spawned. With four different towers available as a possible spawn location, the Statue Head can always been found in the room below the entrance. It is worth noting that the Burning Pointer will spawn in the tower in which it is pointing too.

The four different locations that the Statue Head can be found are listed below.

  • Ra Tower: Located behind one of the corner fire braziers.
  • Danu Tower: Located within the water.
  • Odin Tower: Located within Odin Tower, you can find the Statue Head underneath the massive cauldron.
  • Zues Tower: Located within one of the corners of the blood bath.

EditObtaining The Scorpion Key

Once you have the Statue Head, it is time to obtain the Scorpion Key, which is surprisingly very easy. Once you have used the Acid Trap parts to complete the trap, place the Statue Head on the Acid Trap grating that is located in the center of the trap. Now that it is placed on the grate, activate the Acid Trap and watch it melt the Statue’s Head.

Once melted, you will be left with the Scorpion Key. Now that you have built the Acid Trap, it will now be unlocked and available to be used at every Acid Trap location across the map.

EditObtaining The Gold Vase

It is now time to collect the fourth and final item, the Gold Vase. In order to obtain the Gold Vase, simply raise your Crowd Affinity twice.

As mentioned above, simply use those tactics to raise your affinity level. Once you have successfully achieved Crowd Affinity twice, you will receive a special message that will inform you that the Gold Vase has been dropped within the spawn area. Simply search the ground of the spawn arena until you find the Gold Vase.

EditObtaining the Death of Orion

Finally, to obtain the Death of Orion you are going to need to travel to the Arboretum, which is the lower floor of the Tower of Danu.

You are now going to want to look for the second tree from the stairs to the entrance. Upon closer inspection, you will notice a small hole that is located on the tree’s surface. Simply melee the hole to insert the Scorpion Key.

Once you have placed the key in the hold, you will now want to place the Gold Vase beneath the Scorpion Key to collect the acid. Simply wait an entire turn, which you should then be right to pick up the vase. Use this acid that you have collected on the Mystery Box.

Once it turns green, use the acid on the box and the next weapon you attempt to take will be the Death of Orion. By re-packing the weapon, you will be able to create the Serket’s Kiss, which is a grossly overpowered weapon.

EditThe Danu Tower Trail

EditObtaining the Pyre

You now need to obtain the Pyres, in order to do this you are going to need to a Gladiator Zombie to spawn. Once you have found one, begin to lure it to the Spawn Arena.

Once it is in the arena, crouch and hide behind one of the burning wooden Braziers. As he goes to attack by throwing his axe, he will end up hitting the brazier, which results in a piece of pyre coming lose. Pick up the piece of Pyre and begin to head to the large cauldron (Odin Tower: Cauldron) that is located below Odin’s Tower.

Place the piece of pyre on one of the large hooks and wait two to three full rounds for it to be completely ready. Once it begins to glow red, pick it up. We will use this later on during the Easter Egg.

EditObtaining The Poop

For this step, you are going to want to achieve negative Affinity.

As mentioned above, negative Affinity can be achieved by taking hit damage, throwing grenades and shooting into the crowd, and even walking through the fire that appears in the spawn arena. Once you reach negative Affinity, the crowd will begin throwing items into the arena. That’s right, the crowd is throwing pooping.

Be sure to pick up the poop, as we will use this later on.

EditObtaining The Skull

It is now time to find the skull, which can be found in the same Temple area as Pack-a-Punch. Upon entering the Temple room, you will notice that it is filled with hundreds of skulls. Thankfully though, Reddit has provided a diagram of every possible spawn point in which the skull can spawn below.

To make things easier though, the skull you are looking for has a blue symbol stamped on its forehead. To dislodge the skull, you will need to equip your specialist weapon and interact with the wall. The skull should then drop to the ground.

EditFinding The Skull Grinder

Pick up the skull and make your way to the Flooded Crypt.

It is here that you will find the Skull Grinder. While the Skull Grinder will always spawn in the Flooded Crypt, it can spawn in a number of different areas of the room which can be seen below. If you cannot find the Skull Grinder in these locations, simply look around the area, searching corners, corridors and any crevasses that it may be hiding in.

Once you have found the Skull Grinder, place the skull inside. Equip the Death of Orion and shoot the grinder three to five times with a charged shot. You will be able to visually see the electricity flowing over the grinder if the shoots were successful.

EditCreating The Fertiliser Mixture

Now that the Skull has been gound, pick up the bone meal.

You can now take the Pyre, the Poop, and the Bone Meal to Zues Tower: Bath House. Use the bowl within the Bath House to mix all of the ingredients together. The mixing process will take between two and three full rounds.

Once it has been successfully mixed, you will notice a green smoke coming from the bowl. Pick up this mixture and take it to Danu Tower’s Arboretum and place it directly in the center of the room, on top of the ground that does not contain any water. You will now need to wait yet another two to three rounds for the mixture to be ready again.

Once it is ready, it will begin to smoke green again. As mentioned above in the Pack-a-Punch section, you will require Firebomb for this particular part of the Easter Egg. If your weapon has Firebomb and once the mixture begins to smoke, you will need to get a Firebomb kill on top of the mixture.

However, it may take more than one kill to activate the next step, as it has proven to be quite glitchy among the community. Once it has been activated, you will notice that blue cracks will have now spawned on the floor, beneath the mixture. You will then want to have your entire squad standing on the mixture.

Be prepared for battle, as this next step can get very intense, very fast. So, have your shields ready.

EditThe Danu Tower Trail

In order to activate the next step, it seems to be different amongst the community. Some teams have been able to simply interact with the mixture, while some have had interact with the mix and then equip their specialist weapons.

Once you have activated the mixture, you will then be teleported into a brand-new room that is a spitting image of the Danu Tower’s Arboretum but colored in black and white. Upon appearing in the new room, you will quickly begin to be swarmed with zombies. As you begin to defend yourselves, begin to shoot at the three bright red pods that appear in the center of the room, on the very top of the tree trunk.

These pods will take quite a lot of damage to destroy, so make every shot count. As soon as you destroy the first set of pods, a Max Ammo will occur, it is at this time that you need to make your way up to the next floor as quickly as possible. It is important that you attempt to by-pass any incoming zombies, as becoming trapped in the stair well is not ideal.

Once again though, in the center of the second floor, you will find three more red pods that are sitting on top of the tree trunk. Destroy these pods as soon as possible. Once destroyed, you will be prompted with yet another Max Ammo, so make your way to the top floor as quickly as possible.

Once outside, fight off the zombies and continue to destroy the final three red pods that are located on the tree trunk. balls, make your way to the next floor via the staircase as fast as possible as zombies will be incoming very quickly. Once again, at the center of the room, at the top of the tree, you will find three more balls that need to be destroyed. If all of the red pods have been destroyed, you will then be teleported back to the original map.

EditObtaining The Bull Shield

To complete the next step, you will need to construct the Bull Shield.

In order to do so, you will need to collect three separate parts. Each part has multiple different spawn locations for each part. The parts can be found in the following locations:

Part One

  • Ra Altar Room – Found directly in front of the Mystery Box, leaning against a wall.
  • Ra Altar Room – Found just to the right of the gong and between two large pillars.

Part Two

  • Zeus Altar Room – Found sitting on the base of a statue.
  • Zeus Tower: Entrance – Found lying in the hands of a statue that is elevated above the players head.
  • Zeus Tower: Bath Room – Found lying on top of an altar, next to some candles.

Part Three

  • Odin Altar Room – Found leaning against a barrel of spears.
  • Odin Tower: Entrance – Found on the bottom row of the shields stand.
  • Odin Tower: Cauldron – Found leaning against a pillar, to the left of the two shields that are hanging on the wall.

EditThe Ra Tower Trail

Once you have collected all three parts, you must travel to The Pit in order to use the Workbench. Once in The Pit, use the Workbench to craft the Bull Shield. With the shield now equipped, you are going to want to use the shield’s gun to fire at four different bull symbols that are randomly spawned around the map.

Here are all of the possible spawn locations:

  • Arena – Located above the gate that closed when first entered the arena.
  • Odin-Zeus Bridge – Located on the Zeus Tower, you will notice the symbol while standing on the bridge.
  • Odin-Zeus Temple Entrance – Located on the Zeus side, you will find the part near the cracked arch that is hanging in ivy.
  • Danu Altar Room – Hidden inside the zombie window, facing the crowd.
  • Flooded Crypt – Located past the barricade where zombies spawn, you will find the symbol through an open door.
  • Temple – Located through one of the zombie windows, that happens to be next to a burning torch.
  • The Pit – Located above eye level, you can just make out the symbol through a crack in the wall.
  • Danu Tunnel – Located next to a zombie window, with a torch nearby.

Upon firing at the bull symbols, they will eventually begin to glow. When the symbol begins to glow, a Champion zombie will be spawned. Upon killing the Champion, it’s soul will be absorbed into the Ra statue.

Repeat this step for all four bull symbols. Once all four zombies have been killed, a bright lazer beam will shoot out of the Ra statue into an obelisk. Once the beam has disappeared, a blue symbol will have appeared on the obelisk.

It is important that before your team interacts with it, that you have pen and paper (or even your phone) to take notes of the symbols that appear. Thanks to Reddit, here are the following symbols that may appear. When you think you are ready, interact with the symbol and begin to take notes.

For this specific step, you and your team will be teleported into an alternate version of the Ra tower. With your symbols noted down, you must now match and kill the champion zombies that appeared on the obelisk from bottom to top. You should avoid killing any zombies that do not match with your symbols order – regular zombies are fine – as you will be required to start this particular step over again.

Once you have killed the first set of zombies, you will be required to kill yet another set, however, this time you will need to follow the next set of symbols that will appear on the obelisk.

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