Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges: Revealed and explained

With Fortnite’s recently launched season six, Epic Games are continuing their weekly challenges. Every season introduces ten weeks filled with objectives, ranging from following a treasure map to getting eliminations with a certain type of weapon. This week seems to be no different, and we are here to guide you through them.

What are Fortnite challenges?

In Fortnite, there are two types of challenges: Daily and Weekly.

Daily challenges

First, we have the daily challenges, with a new daily challenge appearing every 24 hours.

Daily challenges carry over to the next day if you find yourself unable to do them on the previous day. Keep in mind that you can only have three daily challenges active. Most of the dailies revolve around getting kills, sometimes with specific types of weapons and placing high in a certain mode.

For example, placing amongst the top 25 in solo play. Daily challenges reward you with both Battle Stars, used to progress your battle pass, and experience which is used to level up and unlock outfit styles for Battle Pass skins. The Battle Pass is available every season for 950 V-Bucks, which equals just under ten pounds.

There is also a free Battle Pass, which not to anyone’s surprise, isn’t nearly as cool as the paid one.

Weekly challenges

Alongside Daily Challenges, you’ll find Weekly Challenges, which reward you with Battle Stars. The Battle Pass has 100 tiers and you’ll need 1000 Battle Stars to get to the top. Assuming you don’t buy Battle Pass tiers, which is also an option, doing weeklies is the next best thing to make sure you won’t be laughed at by your friends for not reaching tier 100.

You can earn 50 Battle Stars a week for finishing these. There are 7 challenges every week, with some of them being harder than dailies, often including finding a spot on the map, with the only lead being a vaguely drawn treasure map, like “Follow the treasure map found in Retail Row”.

Epic also recently introduced staged challenges, which just as the word suggests, requires you to finish the challenge in a certain order. The harder ones will often net you with more Battle Stars.

Three out of the seven challenges will also be available to people who do not own a Battle Pass, to finish the free Battle Pass section.

Daily challenges release every day at 1:00 AM (BST), while the weekly challenges appear every Thursday at 2:00 PM (BST). This is obviously subject to change so keep an eye out for updates from us and Epic Games.

Fortnite S6 Week 2 challenge list

So, what do you need to do to complete this week’s challenges? Well…

Free Battle Pass Challenges

  1. Use a Shadow Stone in different matches
  2. Visit all of the Corrupted Areas

You’ve also got a three-stage challenge to complete:

Stage 1: Deal 200 damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents (HARD)

Stage 2: Deal 200 damage with a burst assault rifles to opponents

Stage 3: Deal 200 damage with silenced assault rifles to opponents

Battle Pass Challenges

  1. Eliminate one opponent from at least 50m away
  2. Deal 500 damage with pistols to opponents
  3. Three SMG Eliminations (HARD)

You’ve also got a three-stage challenge to complete:

Stage 1: Deal 200 damage with hunting rifles to opponents

Stage 2: Deal 200 damage with bolt-action sniper rifles to opponents

Stage 3: Deal 200 damage with heavy sniper rifles to opponents

Fortnite S6 Week 2 Secret Banner Challenge

Epic Games is a company that doesn’t shy away from Easter eggs and hidden challenges, and this week/season is no different.

This season, Epic has decided to hide banners in the map, on trees or items.

Note that this secret challenge can only be completed after finishing all the others for this week.

Once you’ve completed all challenges, the banner should show up on top of the carriage found next to paradise palms, as shown in the below screenshot.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges: Revealed and explained

Completing all challenges this season, including the secret challenges, will earn you a legendary mystery item.

Judging from the below image, this will most likely be a character skin.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges: Revealed and explained

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