Google Chromecast 3: New Google Chromecast leaks ahead of October event

A new Google Chromecast is on the way, and it looks like it will be formally announced at the American tech giant’s big event in New York City on 9 October. Google is in dire need of a plumber, what with all these leaks. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have already been spotted a number of times across the globe and the Google Home Hub – its answer to the Amazon Echo Show – has also appeared online.

Unlike the Pixel smartphones and the Home Hub, Chromecast leaks haven’t properly surfaced until now. So, how did this all come about? Reddit user “GroveStreetHomie” claims on r/google that he/she visited American retailer Best Buy to pick up a Chromecast for their new TV, before “noticing the packaging and design was different from (my) first one”.

(Above: Chromecasts new and old, courtesy of GroveStreetHomie)

Although the item wouldn’t scan since it wasn’t yet in the store’s system, an evidently attentive Best Buy staff member allowed GroveStreetHomie to purchase the device using the 2nd-gen Chromecast’s barcode. A comment from “BigGigabit” seems to lend credence to this story, as they too stopped by their local Best Buy to find the new Chromecast on display. So, what can we learn from about Google’s upcoming digital media player from these leaks?

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Google Chromecast 3 release date: When will it be announced?

This leak all but confirms that Google will release its third-generation Chromecast at an event in New York City at 4pm (BST) on 9 October. Google has been coy about the finer details, announcing the event with only an “I <3 NY” slogan, but a multitude of leaks have put paid to that.

Google Chromecast 3: New Google Chromecast leaks ahead of October event

(Above: The 2nd-gen Google Chromecast)

It’s almost become a widely acknowledged fact that Google will announce two new Pixel smartphones, as well as a Home Hub and now the Chromecast 3. For now, less is known about when you’ll actually be able to buy one. However, given that major retailers in the US appear to be already stocking the new Chromecast, we wouldn’t be surprised if it went on sale on the same day as the event.

Google Chromecast 3 price: How much will it cost?

GroveStreetHomie claims in their post that the third-generation Chromecast retails at the same price as the second generation.

This means that in the USA it will cost £35 for the standard Chromecast, and £70 for a Chromecast Ultra. In the UK this is very likely to be GBP30 and GBP70 respectively.

Google Chromecast 3 design: What will it look like?

The same post claims that the new Chromecast is slightly thicker than its predecessor. The glossy finish of the second-gen device has been done away with, replaced by a matte-black coating, and the Chrome logo has been replaced with a more simplistic G Google logo.

The magnetic HDMI connector on the tip and base of the Chromecast has also been removed (a veritable “bummer” according to GroveStreetHomie), and the edges appear to be more rounded than before. Apart from that, there’s very little difference between the second- and third-generation Chromecasts. It’s still a circular black puck with an HDMI jack attached – what more could you possibly need?

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Google Chromecast 3 specs: What will it feature?

Unfortunately, the details here are a little less clear. In a separate comment on their Reddit post, GroveStreetHomie explains that, unfortunately, they were unable to use their new Chromecast after purchasing it. This was due to a notification stating that an as-yet-unreleased update to the Google Home app was required to set it up.

The design and packaging can give us a clue as to some of the new Chromecast’s specs, however.

Google Chromecast 3: New Google Chromecast leaks ahead of October event

(Above: The 2nd-gen Google Chromecast) As previously mentioned, the magnetic HDMI connector has been removed, but the new device opts in favour of micro-USB connectivity, rather than USB Type-C, just like its predecessor. Displayed on the side of the box are some key features, including: 1080p HD support; a HDMI jack; simple setup with the Google Home app; and the ability to use your phone or even your voice (provided you’ve forked out an extra GBP50 for a Google Home Mini) as a remote control.

On the whole, then, the Chromecast 3 looks to be more of the same. Google’s changes appear to be more aimed at streamlining the experience of using a Chromecast, rather than improving the performance of the device itself. We’ll have to wait until 9 October to see if Google achieves this.

Until then, stay tuned to this page for all the latest rumours and leaks surrounding the Google Chromecast 3.

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