Slip on Soma’s smart bra and you may discover you’ve been wearing the wrong size

There’s a memorable Sex and the City episode where Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) learns she’s been wearing the wrong bra size her whole life. She’s not alone. Up to 80 percent of women have ill-fitting bras, Cathy Devine, vice president of innovation at intimate apparel brand Soma, told Digital Trends at CES 2019.

The company hopes to improve on that statistic with its Somainnofit, a smart garment that replaces a tape measure. It works so well that Soma will be using it to fit customers in its boutiques very soon. If you’ve gone into a fitting room with a professional fitter, then you know it takes a few types of measurements to get your correct bra size for both the band and the cup.

The Somainnofit is a stretchy garment, a bit like a sports bra, with several sensors and Bluetooth in a small patch in the back. Strips in the front help the wearer align the bra to get a proper fit. On the accompanying app, the four measurements from the bra dictate which of Soma’s products are recommended.

Obviously, your selection will be limited to the company’s line, which starts at around £44, but you’ll still probably have a better idea of your true bra size. There are all kinds of reasons why remeasuring bra size with some regularity is a good idea. Pregnancy, hormonal changes, and weight loss or gain — even 5 or 10 pounds — can change your bra size, Devine said.

But she said the Somainnofit is also shareable, so you can pass it off to a family member or friend if they want to try it. (Thanks to the tech inside, though, you can’t wash it between swaps.) The bra’s battery lasts for about 200 uses, so you should be able to get several years’ worth of size checks out of it. For those who prefer to put on the Somainnofit at home, it costs £59. For a limited time, though, you can buy it for £25 and get a coupon for the same amount if you decide to purchase a Soma bra.

It’s already sold out, but you can pre-order one from

its next run.

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