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Adobe Flash security tool Flashmingo debuts in open source community

A new tool has been released to the open-source community which has been developed to improve the security of Flash until its retirement.

Adobe Flash, due to be deprecated in 2020, is a common feature in monthly security updates pushed by the vendor and accounts for over 1,000 CVE assignments since 2005 — many of which have a CVSS score of 9.0 or higher.

The software is used for multimedia components including rich Internet applications in-browser, but its adoption is gradually reducing now that many major browsers have dropped support for the ever-vulnerable software.

This does not mean that exploits for the software are not being adopted by attackers, however. You will often find Flash-based exploits in threat actor toolkits in the wild, and until the software is truly phased out — which may be years after 2020 when Adobe stops distributing the software — it is unlikely that attacks against Flash will cease.

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