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Brazil stimulates academia and business link in emerging tech initiative

The Brazilian government has launched a tender to find projects based on emerging technologies as the latest stage of a project aimed at bridging the business and academic worlds.

The program, dubbed TechD, is a public-private partnership with funding of 18 million reais ($4.6 million). The latest stage of the program is looking for startups, incubated projects, IT companies or consortiums and research groups focused on emerging technologies to participate.

TechD focuses on projects in areas including artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, Big Data and analytics to address issues within healthcare, energy, mobility and as well as Internet of Things (IoT).

The international application of the projects will also need to be considered. Proposals can be submitted until May 13, while selected projects will be announced in early July.

The program will support 30 projects, of which 14 will have to be based in the Northeast, North and Central-West regions of the country. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are based in the South-East.

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