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Building IOT for “the industry technology left behind”


The livestock industry has a lot to gain with modern technology — IoT devices paired with even the simplest software platforms can help ranchers track and manage their inventory. Yet until recently, many ranchers were tracking their cattle using just pen and paper, according to Brian Schupbach, co-founder and CTO of Quantified AG.

“In the last five years, the cattle industry has made leaps and bounds in technology advances,”  Schupbach said. “But five years ago, there was really, truly nothing. I remember getting into it and thinking, this is the industry technology forgot.”

Schupbach is trying to change that with Quantified AG, a Nebraska-based livestock data analytics company. They make smat ear tags for cattle — which Schupbach likens to “Fitbits for cows” — as well as a web and mobile-based software platform that ranchers can use to monitor the health of their animals.

After about four years of research and development, Quantified AG is preparing to launch its first commercial product later this year. Schupbach spoke to ZDNet about the challenges of bringing IoT, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies to a traditional industry. He was joined by Jeff Kim, CEO of Kmesh, a business that’s helped Quantified AG with data orchestration.

Here are the highlights of that conversation:

Why the industry needs a “Fitbit for cows”

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