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Class review: Hatha Yoga at Third Space Tower Bridge

Where and when

Monday afternoon at 4pm

What’s the drill

Sixty minutes of slower and more considered stretching than you might be used to if Vinyasa is your favoured flow. Postures are held for slightly longer alongside conscious breathing to focus on flexibility and relaxation. Expect to use props — blocks, bolsters and straps are all incorporated to get into those deeper muscle stretches. Don’t think of this as an easy option, though. Standing poses are held for quite a while as you’re instructed to focus on your alignment. Your core, legs and arms will get a real workout. 

The skinny

A strong but slower-paced yoga practice. It will really encourage you to focus on muscles you don’t usually use and sink a little deeper into those stretches you might usually fly through in your usual routine.

Sweat count

You won’t need to towel off too much, but things will definitely heat up. 

The social network

A mix of dedicated gym-goers looking for that post-workout stretch and release, alongside your more dedicated yogi. There’s a 50/50 split of men and women, which is unusual for most yoga classes. It makes for a nice balanced vibe.


Teacher Mary Smiley is a regular on the Third Space schedule and you see why her class is so popular (it’s 4pm, and it’s packed). Firm but with a sense of humour, she manages to push you just that little bit further into a stretch or a bend while always keeping the correct alignment in mind. 

What to pack

Standard gym kit, no shoes required.

The sounds

Meditative, calming instrumentals.

Locker room chat

Third Space really talks the talk. Black and copper decor throughout the club is more chic hotel than city gym, while its split-level changing rooms offer hair-styling stations with plush chairs and complimentary Cowshed products. After you’ve ironed your dress for those evening drinks (every gym needs an ironing station) you can grab a quick protein snack at the Natural Fitness Food café — it’s so good its got its own Instagram.

The afterburn​

A feeling of pretty deep relaxation, and my hamstrings were definitely looser after quite a bit of work with the strap. The next day I could feel my core had had a pretty good workout.

  • £155 for monthly Tower Bridge membership, £195 for group membership; thirdspace.london

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