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The best computer desks for 2019

Yes, your computer is important — but so is its home. When was the last time you considered getting a new computer desk? Whether you are a serious gamer looking for an upgrade or just moved into a new space, it’s probably time you opt for a desk that doesn’t look like an Ikea reject. Without further ado, here are the most awesome computer desks on the market, and all the goodies they can bring.

Artifox Standing Desk 02

Artifox is known for its sweeping, minimalist designs that manage to combine old-school functionality with modern features. Its line of customizable standing desks is certainly no exception. At first glance this looks like a beautiful drafting table with a section designed for desktop doodles, but there’s also plenty of computer-oriented features, too. It has grooves and magnetic clips for organizing cables, a little slot for your power bar, and even a section set aside for slotting your smartphone and tablet computer in while you are working. It’s like something that a very tech-savvy Amish craftsman might make, and a great pick if you like to keep things simple — and standing.

DXRacer Newedge Edition Gaming Desk

Like most of the DXRacer product line, this desk is strictly designed for lengthy gaming sessions. The front of the desk is designed to tilt the right way for your arms to rest while you game, and the giant pockets in the back are made for big cable bundles that account for all your accessories and peripherals. The table is also available with three accent colors — black, green, and white — and is made to easily rotate and scoot across the floor for re-positioning. It even folds up nicely when required, so whether you’re taking your team on the road or just want a great gaming table, this is an excellent choice. The downside? The price is a little high.

Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk

If you are looking for the most affordable desk you can find — because you just spent all your money on supplies, games, etc. — then this Convenience Concepts model is probably just what you’re looking for. It’s very affordable, and because it comes lined with pre-made holes, it can be put together without any extra tools or hard labor. The desk also includes enough space for your accessories and books without being too cumbersome, though the surface is probably better suited for a laptop given it measures a mere 15-inches deep. The lack of space helps keep weight to a minimum, however, which makes it easy to move around should you need to transport it.

The Atlantic Store Gaming Desk


If you want a desk that’s built for gaming that’s also small, this is the option for you. The Atlantic gaming desk won’t win any prizes for being particularly classy or roomy, but it is great at fitting into tight spaces and comes with a ton of extra features. There are side holders for big cups full of Mountain Dew. There are racks for your controllers. There are stands for your laptop and keyboard. Speaker trays, storage doors, and headphone hooks are also included. Let’s just say that if you love computer gaming, you need this desk in your life.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

This svelte gaming desk is available in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to pick a scheme that will match your gaming rig. The shape is conducive to focused gaming and helps keep peripherals a little closer at hand (plus it matches curved monitors quite nicely). The surface is designed with a water-resistant microfiber material designed to act as a mousepad, so feel free to use your mouse anywhere on it. While the legs are simple, they are height adjustable, and three hidden cable management cutouts are included to help with organization. It’s a minimalistic but effective gaming option that may be just what you’re looking for — just don’t go over 176 pounds.

Trent Austin 4-Drawer Writing Desk – Granite

Trent Austin 4-Drawer Writing Desk Granite

Looking for a more industrial style desk? This Trent Austin model looks great and is surprisingly affordable. Materials include a metal base, fiber board core, and wood veneer. In addition to the 60 x 28-inch desktop space, you also get four drawers for storage. And if prefer a more open plan for the desk, the back has an inset shelf for you to display photos, store books, or keep supplies for easy access.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk


This desk is a perennial favorite on sites like Amazon, and for good reason. It combines utility with a low price point and a classy all-in-black look (silver also available). The surface is made from tempered safety glass, which is very durable and looks awesome. The L-shape is handy for fitting into corners and offering extra work or play space. It also includes an “autonomous CPU stand” for your tower, and a sliding keyboard tray that can be mounted in multiple places.

Furinno Go Green Home Computer Desk


Here’s a great desk for when you don’t really want a computer desk at all, but still need an occasional computer work area. This Furinno desk can easily serve as a table in the entryway, bedroom, dining room or anywhere else. It just happens to have the right space and proportions for plunking down your laptop or setting up your PC for a work session. It’s made out of recycled rubber trees, so it can also scratch an environmental itch if necessary.

Sauder Select Collection Computer Desk


All right, you’ve looked at all these so-called computer desks. You’ve huffed over the modern designs and utility features. You turned up your nose at the standing desks. What you want is a real desk – something that people can look at and think, “Wow, this gentleman or lady really has it together and is very classy.”

Here we have the affordable but luxurious Sauder computer desk. It has a grommet hole for cord access and a slide-out keyboard tray, but otherwise looks very much at home in a rich study, old-school wood-paneled den, or maybe just a living room space where you want to show it off. The brushed maple finish gives this desk a rich, traditional look – and you have drawers for all your important files, too. It makes even normal files look important.

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