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Uber's Vouchers program lets businesses offer you free or discounted rides

Uber has unveiled a new business-to-business program designed to attract companies to its service. It’s called Uber Voucher.

Uber’s new vouchers will allow companies to offer free or reduced rides to customers. Companies can set their own budget and control many aspects of the program. Uber said it first began testing Uber Vouchers last year at major events (like Golden State Warrior games) and locations (like MGM Resorts and TGI Fridays). Now, however, it’ll come to most cities where Uber already operates.

Businesses that offer customers transportation will be able to use Vouchers to offer Uber rides instead. Bars and clubs, for instance, can offer discounted rides to customers. Live Nation, for instance, could offer rides home after a concert, and easily decide how many rides it wants to pay for before the Vouchers program stops. It can also set pick up and drop off points. The possibilities are endless.

For customers, there’s the appeal of a bundled ride with another services. Maybe you could get a free drink and a ride home with the next ticket you purchase to see a sports team. There’s also the benefit of limiting drinking and driving.

Interested businesses can sign up for Uber Vouchers by visiting ​this Uber webpage. All the details can be customised to any event, promotion, or service. Businesses can also easily share vouchers via email, social media, or texts.

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