Death Stranding: Everything New We've Spotted In the Teased Gameplay

Vehicles, scans and big, big ladders.

This story is developing, and will be updated as we spot more.

If you’ve been on the Internet today, you’ll have noticed that Kojima Productions is teasing Death Stranding.

Over on Twitch, a looping set of clips – obscured by black goo and slowly being cleared by Death Stranding’s ever-present handprints – appears to be showing new gameplay and cinematic sections of the game. Over time, we seem to be hearing more and more of the clips’ audio, too.

On the surface, it looks similar to last year’s gameplay trailer, but even with much of the screen covered up, it’s clear there are some elements in there we haven’t seen before. Here’s everything we’ve spotted so far:

  • Melee combat – One section clearly shows Norman Reedus’ character, Sam Porter being chased by and attacking a group of enemies with red glowing eyes, in yellow clothing and equipped with the shoulder mounted sensors we’ve seen on friendly characters before. He appears to be using the briefcase he’s carrying as an impromptu weapon – is this the stick that goes along with the rope?
  • Vehicles – We also see Sam riding a futuristic bike across the mountainsides we’ve seen previously. However, we also see him storing it in a garage of sorts. The enemies in the combat section also appear to arrive in a Jeep-like vehicle.
  • Snow – We’ve seen Sam trekking across countryside, mountainous regions, broken urban areas and even what resembles a Martian desert before, but this gameplay also shows snowy areas, complete with crumbling trails left behind him, a la Red Dead 2.
  • Interactive UI – More than one clip shows what seems to be a radial menu popping up, allowing Sam to place useful items in the world. One shows a ludicrously long ladder (which we’ve seen him using to cross a ravine previously), and another clearly has the word Rope displayed, allowing him to rappel up and down cliffsides.
  • Scan pulse – One clip seems to show an orange visual pulse crossing the landscape away from Sam. Another clip, in a forest, shows a blue pulse. Our guess is that these are scans – similar to mechanics in games like The Division. The orange may be for nearby locations, but the blue seems to come after Sam’s sensor picks up a nearby invisible enemy, so may be a way of revealing their location.
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Handprints have been slowly appearing over the course of the day, each revealing more of the screen behind it, so we’ll spot more and more as time goes on. It’s not clear how much longer it might take until we get a full picture. Some speculation is suggesting that the more people watching the stream, the more of the screen is uncovered, but that’s not been confirmed.

Some elements were definitely not meant to be spotted this early, with a couple of potential leaks that have allegedly revealed a release date and pre-order bonuses for the game.

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