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Google I/O: 14 Android OS modules to get over-the-air security updates in real-time

At the Google I/O 2019 developer conference held today in Mountain View, California, Google announced a major change to the way the upcoming Android Q mobile operating system will receive security updates.

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“Your regular device gets regular security updates already but you still have to wait for the release, and you have to reboot when they come,” said Stephanie Cuthbertson, Senior Director for Android, while speaking on stage. “We want you to get these faster. Even faster.”

“And that’s why in Android Q we’re making a set of OS modules updateable directly over the air, so now these can be updated individually as soon as they’re available and without a reboot of the device.”

Google chooses 14 OS components for rapid-fire updates

To get this done, Google engineers have been working for the past year to split several OS core components into separate OS modules.

These modules, despite encompassing a core service of the Android OS, will work similar to Android apps and will receive security updates packed similar to how all apps receive their updates from the Google Play Store.

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