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This week in games: John Wick tactics, a Blood remaster, and a survival-focused Ghost Recon

Can you feel that? It’s E3, right around the corner—meaning the slow parade of game announcements starts now of course, about a month before the show. The Final Fantasy VII remake finally resurfaced this week, there’s a John Wick puzzle game on the way, and Ubisoft unveiled a new Ghost Recon.

That news, plus the Borderlands 3 saga takes an even weirder turn, Blood gets a proper remaster, QuakeCon heads to Europe, Cities: Skylines goes to school, and Hitman 2 gets divvied up even more.

This is gaming news for May 6 to 10.

Give me a gun

You might expect a John Wick video game to look a lot like Max Payne or something, all slow-motion and death-defying stunts. Instead it’s coming from the developers behind polygonal platformer Thomas Was Alone and stealthy Volume, Bithell Games. And it’s…turn-based.

It looks intriguing though. The trailer opens with the line “It is said that combat is like a game of chess,” and that’s definitely the vibe here as you direct Mr. Wick to shoot/punch/kick various foes before they can react. Not what I expected, but maybe it’s better than what I expected. More creative, at the very least.

Hitman 2-ish

IO Interactive keeps experimenting with new ways to sell Hitman 2. First it was sold as a full $60 game. Then the opening prologue mission, Hawke’s Bay, was peeled off and given away for free. Now you can spend $12 on the Hitman 2 – Miami Package, which includes the entire Miami mission (the auto race and museum) as well as any Elusive Targets that take place there—which, for the moment, means Sean Bean.

It’s funny. 2016’s Hitman started episodic and was eventually released a compiled boxed version. Hitman 2’s headed the opposite direction, starting as a complete boxed version and being divvied up piecemeal. I’ll be curious whether the process continues.

QuakeCon gets culture

QuakeCon’s been tethered to Texas, home to id Software, for nearly 25 years now. It’s ready for a semester (or a weekend) abroad though, as evidenced by this week’s reveal of QuakeCon Europe. Set for July 26 and 27 in London, it’ll take place simultaneous with the traditional Dallas-area QuakeCon and allow our European PC brethren to play Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and so on. Oh, and just like the US instance, QuakeCon Europe is free to attend as long as you RSVP. Pretty neat. Wear deodorant.

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