Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout review

When you’re working hard in the gym, on the running track or in the pool, any supplement that can give you a helping hand is appreciated.

Many athletes, bodybuilders and gym goers alike favour a pre-workout supplement before starting their training or exercise regime each day, but do they work? And which type is right for you?

You can find answers here as we review one of our favourite pre-workouts, Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout…

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This review is going to focus on all of the important things you need to know about this supplement as we look to see where it stands in comparison to our pick of the best pre workouts out there right now.

What does Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout do?

As the name implies, a ‘pre-workout supplement’ is a blanket name for a product designed to be taken or consumed before exercise, with the aim of helping to support your training.

Pre-workouts claim to work in many different ways – most often claiming to help with motivation, endurance and recovery – but it should be pointed out that many have not been proven to do so scientifically.

Likewise, you can’t get the physique you want without first establishing a consistent diet and training regime; supplements are not a magic pill.

That said, a good pre-workout supplement may help towards your fitness goals.

Performance Lab claims their product helps with strength and muscle recovery, enhances anaerobic and aerobic exercise and improves endurance.

What you need to know about the ingredients

Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout includes the following ingredients:

• Creatine – Often found in many pre-workout supplements. Included here in 1g per serving.

• L-Citrulline – This is another popular ingredient and added here at 500mg per serving.

• Cordyceps – Included at 750mg per serving

• L-Glutamine – At 250mg per serving

• L-Carnosine – Commonly included in the top pre-workout supplements, 300mg

• Himalayan Pink Salt – Included at 350mg per serving.

• Maritime Pine Bark Extract – Fast growing in popularity, included here at 100mg.

All ingredients have been chosen to give you a boost so that you can continue your training and reach your fitness goals.

Here is the full ingredients list as shown on the actual box:

It’s worth noting that Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout comes in capsule form, as opposed to powder.

While this means you can’t weigh out any amount you want, having it in ready-made capsules makes it much easier to use in the long run.

There’s another bonus too – being available in capsule form means that it has no need for sweeteners and therefore does not contain any (and you also don’t have to worry about the product tasting bad either). This is certainly not the case with pre-workouts in powder form.

Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout is also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans – it’s quite unusual to find a vegan pre-workout, so this is a real bonus. It uses tapioca-based Plantcaps® capsules to deliver the pre-workout as opposed to gelatine.

What’s missing?

Caffeine! Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout is one of the new generation of pre-workouts that believes it doesn’t need to rely on caffeine to provide the boost you need. It’s a deliberate omission and one that many people will no doubt appreciate.

Opting for a stimulant-free pre-workout enables you to control your stimulant intake much more effectively or eliminate it altogether.

It’s a blessing for those people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine, or those people who want to avoid putting potentially unhealthy ingredients into their body. 

With Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout, therefore, you can avoid the highs and subsequent crashes that often come with stimulants.

Are there any side effects?

While some of the ingredients in Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout could carry side-effects in much higher dosages, the company has made sure the amount included in this product shouldn’t be enough to cause any real problems.

Likewise, because this product avoids caffeine and other stimulants – and has a very clean formula with no synthetic additives or allergens (more on that shortly) – we believe the majority of people will find it side effect-free.

How to take Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout

The capsule form of Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout makes it easy to follow dosage directions. Simply take four capsules with water about 45 minutes before you start your workout. There should be no need to cycle this product.

We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout has been designed to pair with Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout for well-rounded supplementation. This is an option, however, not a requirement.

What are customers saying?

Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout is only sold via the manufacturer’s website and is not available on Amazon or similar review websites. As such, it’s hard to find customer reviews of the product.

However, it’s fair to say that independent reviews of Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout from bloggers, testers and on professional review websites alike have been very favourable.

Indeed, it has won numerous accolades for being a highly effective stimulant-free pre-workout.

Is this the best supplement for me?

Is this the best pre-workout for you? That depends. Do you want a clean, vegan-friendly pre-workout from an ethical manufacturer? That’s one question to ask yourself.

Probably the most important decision to make, however, when it comes to Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout is how important caffeine is to you. Some people will jump at a stimulant-free pre-workout, while others may miss the instant buzz that caffeine can bring.

Likewise, would you prefer powder or capsules? We like the idea of capsules – much easier to take, you always know the dosage, no complicated weigh-ins, and much easier to carry around. You need to make that choice for yourself, however.

Anything else to consider?

Performance Lab products are made by Opti-Nutra, a trusted and respected name in the supplement industry. Opti-Nutra has crafted a reputation for itself as an ethical manufacturer of quality, ‘clean’ products and formulas.

By clean, we mean that all products in its range – including Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout – are GMO-free, as well as being free from soy, gluten, allergens, and synthetic additives.

It is also GMP certified, meaning it is produced to strict manufacturing guidelines. It is one of the cleanest pre-workouts you’ll find on the market today.

Review conclusion – Our final thoughts

We rate Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout pretty highly for its unique combination of factors.

A vegan pre-workout? Hard to find, thumbs up.

Capsules and not powder? Unusual in a pre-workout, we’re fans.

No sweeteners needed, all the healthier.

Stimulant-free too, you say? We like the fact that Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout gives us a choice between the traditional stimulant-packed pre-workouts, and a side effect-free and stimulant-free alternative.

Even if you prefer stimulants in your workout supplements, you are often advised to cycle them, so rather than miss out on pre-workouts altogether, you could opt for a stimulant-free pre-workout like this one for your cycling off days.

Clean formula – as clean as it can be. Opti-Nutra’s pure formula is impressive and a breath of fresh air in a market that all too often veers towards unscrupulous manufacturer’s and shady practices.

Transparency. Talking of shady practices, we’re not fans of proprietary formulas and try to avoid them where we can. To our mind, they are often used to ‘hide’ whatever the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know – usually that they use inefficient ingredients or inferior dosages. There’s no such concern with Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout as all ingredients and dosages are clearly marked.

Finally, we like the fact that this product has an entire range behind it. All Performance Lab products have been designed to be taken alongside any other supplement in its extensive range, if so desired.

The SPORT range, for instance, also includes a BCAA supplement, a fat burner and a T-Booster.

The CORE range also includes a male or female multivitamin, along with supplements to help sleep, vision, mind, and energy.

In short, this is a quality pre-workout that offers an exceptionally clean formula alongside popular ingredients and transparency.

If you prefer your pre-workout in capsule form, this is a great choice for you; ditto, if you want a vegan-friendly or a stimulant-free pre-workout that people rave about.

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