Amazon Prime Day 2019: The Best Computer Deals, Keyboards, Monitors, Laptops and More

Build a mighty PC, for less.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 begins on July 15 and runs for a full 48 hours. That’s just a week from today! It’s awesome, but kind of weird they call it Amazon Prime Day and not Amazon Prime Days. We’ll leave that up to the folks in marketing. While it’s just under 2 weeks away, now’s a good time to put aside a little spending money to really get yourself something nice when the event does arrive.

There have already been some great deals on refurbished Macs, with refurb TouchBar MacBook Pros on sale yesterday and today seeing refurb 12-inch MacBooks marked down:

12-inch MacBook for $863

This MacBook has Retina Display, Intel M3 CPU, a 256GB PCI-E SSD, and 8GB RAM

Computer Deals: What to Expect on Amazon Prime Day

Last year saw lots of computers and accessories discounted for Prime Day, and there’s no reason to believe we won’t see some solid savings when Prime Day 2019 rolls around.

Among the deals last year were prebuilt gaming PCs and gaming laptops, as well as savings on displays like this 4K BenQ HDR gaming monitor and components for DIY gamers like this gorgeous Corsair Crystal 570X RGB midtower. In fact,last year’s Prime Day sale included at least one of every component needed to construct a competent gaming PC, so if you’ve been holding off or buying parts here and there as you can afford them, I’d recommend adopting a wait-and-see attitude to cop some possible deals.

Graphics Card Deals: What to Expect on Amazon Prime Day


Last year was pretty much the end of the GTX 10-series line, even if we didn’t know it officially at the time. There were some good deals to be had on Nvidia and AMD cards, but it’s hard to say if we’ll see the same sorts of savings this year.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Prime Day 2019 begins July 15 and runs for 48 hours. Check out our full coverage of all the best Amazon Prime Day Deals:

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