10 best anti-frizz hair products: Oils, masks, sprays and serums that tame unruly locks

Whether it’s wind, rain, snow or humidity, there always seems to be an obstacle between you and perfect hair. Frizz is simple enough to prevent in theory, but in practice it’s easy to exacerbate the situation and leave hair a lank, greasy mess that somehow still doesn’t manage to do what you want.

When it comes to reducing frizz, the key is to take preventative action. Priming your hair before styling can make all the difference, locking your style into place from the offset.

As the day wears on and the elements take their toll, there’s also the option of spot-fixing your frizz, or using an overnight treatment to restore your hair to its former glory.

But with so many options out there, it’s tough to find the right solution for your hair type. Fine hair requires different treatments to thicker, coarse hair, and straight hair will respond differently than natural curls.

We tried out a variety of oils, mists, gels and sprays to find the best solutions to our frizz problem. Read on to find your perfect product.

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Living Proof instant de-frizzer, 208ml: £25, Living Proof

While a lot of products promise to prevent frizz before styling, how do you tackle it afterwards? Rather than weighing down dirty hair with additional oils, this product is a dry-conditioning spray that helps seal the cuticles in dry hair. It applies like a light hairspray, softening and smoothing your hair as it goes, and helps extend your style in between shampoos. Our tester was impressed with how drastic the difference was – several hours after using this product, her hair had withstood the rain without frizzing up. This one is light enough to work on all hair types, and as it’s so quick-drying, it’ll also leave curls – natural or not – set exactly how you want them.

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Coco & Eve super nourishing coconut & fig hair masque, 212ml: £34.90, Cult Beauty

You probably recognise this product from Instagram, where it’s a firm beauty blogger favourite. Thankfully it’s more than just a pretty face – this product is transformative, hydrating dry, frizzy hair in just 10 minutes. Combining raw virgin coconut, fig essence, argan oil and shea butter, it’s also sulphate and paraben-free, which means it doesn’t leave any buildup of product, despite how heavy it feels when you first apply it. Our tester applied it to damp, slightly towel-dried hair before brushing through with the masque’s free tangle tamer. Once rinsed off, her hair felt and looked luxurious for several washes, and there was a significant difference in frizz. As an added bonus, it smells divine.

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Ouai anti-frizz sheets: £20, Space NK

As ingenious as they are handy, Ouai’s sheets slip right into your bag and calm down even the wildest frizz in just a few wipes of your hair. Each pack contains 15 sheets imbued with coconut oil and shea butter which work to condition locks and neutralise the static that causes frizz in the first place. These  sheets contain just enough oil to soothe hair back into place, rather than running the risk of weighing it down and leaving it greasy as can often happen with oil-based products. They might not be the most cost-effective option in the long-run, but are ideal for special events when you want to make sure your hair stays pristine.

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OGX kukui oil anti-frizz hydrating oil, 118ml: £6.99, OGX

Hair oil is your best friend when it comes to controlling frizz, but regulating the amount you use is a different story. Too little oil will make hair vulnerable to further frizz but too much will leave it lank and greasy. This OGX offering solves the problem by regulating how much oil is actually dispersed onto your hair. Our tester found it worked best when spritzed over towel-dried tresses, but was also impressed by how effective it was on day-old hair – rather than emphasising any existing oiliness, it worked to hydrate and soothe frizziness at the scalp.

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Color Wow dreamcoat supernatural sealant, 200ml: £24, M&S

If you’ve ever felt like your hair is so frizzy that even attempting to style it is pointless, then this product is a gamechanger. After applying it liberally to damp hair, we blow dried each section using a rounded barrel brush. Calling it a “dreamcoat” and “supernatural” isn’t an overstatement – this sealant transformed the texture of our tester’s hair, leaving it sleek and extending her shampoo cycle by a whole day. It even holds the frizz at bay for multiple washes. However, those who prefer a quick frizz solution might want to save this one for special occasions as the sealant requires blowdrying to activate its effects, which can be lengthy for an everyday routine.

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Slip pure silk pillowcase: £85, Feel Unique

Fixing frizz doesn’t have to take effort. This silk pillowcase prevents damage to your hair as you sleep – which, considering we apparently spend a third of our lives in bed, is more critical to the state of your frizz than you think. While cotton clings to hair and pulls at the root throughout the night, in turn drawing moisture from your locks, silk lets your hair move freely. Not only does this reduce the amount your scalp sweats, therefore cutting down the grease in your hair, but it stops tresses from getting tangled and frizzy throughout the night. Our tester noticed the decrease in the frizziness of her hair just one night in and after a week of using this pillowcase, her locks were much sleeker than usual.

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IGK good behaviour spirulina protein smoothing spray, 186ml: £27, Space NK

Keratin treatments are the ultimate frizz cure, but can be damaging to your hair in the long-run. IGK formulated this product to mimic the results, enriching the spray with spirulina proteins to coat hair with a protective layer. When spritzed into damp locks before blow-drying, we found that our hair was less frizzy and felt more nourished than usual. It also doubles up as a heat protectant, streamlining the number of products in your routine.

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Bumble and Bumble anti-humidity gel-oil, 150ml: £24, Look Fantastic

Defrizzing curly hair is a risk as there’s always a chance products will flatten your natural texture. Thankfully, Bumble and Bumble understand hair like no other, creating this gel-oil hybrid to transform frizz into controlled, sleek curls. What we liked most about this product is its ability to perfect hair whether it’s air-dried or blowdried – a rarity with anti-frizz formulas. However, this is definitely designed for those with thicker hair, as it might weigh down finer strands.

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We Are Paradoxx secret weapon conditioner, 250ml: £20, Harvey Nichols

Everything in the We Are Paradoxx hair range is vegan, organic and 90 per cent plastic-free, with their quality thankfully matching the standards of the brand’s moral ethos. This product is a multitasker, working as a leave-in treatment, finishing balm and traditional moisturiser. Whichever way you choose to use it, hair is left soft, smooth and detangled, as well as smelling absolutely heavenly. Our tester found it most effective when used as a finishing balm, with just a few dabs controlling frizz at the scalp without a greasy after-effect.

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Oribe impermeable anti-humidity spray, 200ml: £41, Cult Beauty

Applied like a regular hairspray, this product acts like a shield against frizz. Not only is your hair left immune to humidity, but it doesn’t weigh it down and eliminate any existing texture. To get technical, it uses a unique copolymer, panthenol and vitamin B5 to condition, volumise and protect the hair shaft. However, the key takeaway here is that it locks down your hair for the rest of the day, no matter what kind of style you’re setting.

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The verdict: Anti-frizz products

For the best all-round choice to reduce frizz, Living Proof’s instant de-frizzer is ideal for any hair type. However, if you’re looking for something to leave your hair sleek and glossy after styling, you can’t beat Color Wow’s dreamcoat supernatural sealant.

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