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What is a fake Amazon review?

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When browsing an online market with limitless variety such as Amazon, it’s hard to decide which products we want to buy. Because of this, we often turn to a product’s “Reviews” section—it’s user-generated, frequently updated, and trustworthy…right? Unfortunately, not so much. Amazon’s “Reviews” feature should make choosing the best buy for your buck a bit easier, but with the rise of fake and paid reviews, these reviews can’t always be trusted. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. These are eight ways to spot Amazon fake reviews. And be aware of these other all-too-common online scams you should be aware of.

To spot Amazon fake reviews, check the timestamps


It’s abnormal for authentic Amazon reviews to appear over the course of a day or two—in most situations, product reviews are posted over weeks, months, and even years. So, next time you’re reading product reviews, check the times and dates that they were posted. Tommy Noonan of ReviewMeta—a service that detects Amazon fake reviews—recommends that users check the dates that the reviews were published because “if everything was posted around the same day, it could be a sign that something fishy is going on.” When product reviews are posted within a short time frame, it’s a sign that they may not be from legitimate buyers, but instead Amazon fake reviews from an organized effort to boost the product rating.

And investigate the user’s review history

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If you’re looking to verify that a product review is from a real person, you may want to start by clicking on the reviewer’s profile and looking at their activity. Just like other kinds of spam profiles, a human eye will be able to detect these suspicious profiles better than a computer algorithm. “If that customer [has] only left five-star, positive reviews on many different products, then the reviews are most likely fake,” says Jonathan Goldman, President of Quantum Networks, a Top 200 Amazon Seller. These Amazon products have practically perfect reviews. 

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