Square's new Orders API lets merchants consolidate order fulfillment

Square is rolling out a new API for online ordering that it says will make it easier for developers to build digital in-app payment services. For merchants using one of Square’s point of sale products, the new Orders API lets them track and manage the lifecycle of a purchase — whether the purchase is made online, in-person or in-app — and consolidate order fulfillment into one central POS system.  

Meanwhile, developers can use the Orders API to build web and mobile apps that use orders to manage purchase item information, track order fulfillment, integrate customer data, and link payments. 

More broadly, Square’s latest API rollout supports its overall platform and developer strategy. About four years ago Square began building public APIs that partners and developers could leverage to offer additional services on top of the Square platform. The company is now shifting more focus to its platform as it works to bring more developers and services into its ecosystem.

“Over the past few years, the Square developer team has released tools that enable developers to build solutions that take payments in-person, online and in mobile apps,” said Carl Perry, Square’s Developer Platform lead. “Now, our robust suite of APIs take the platform a step further and enable developers to create full, scalable and buyer friendly commerce experiences for merchants of all sizes, across a variety of industries.”

Square said the Orders API is available today in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Great Britain. 


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